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GamePlox: Over the past decade, one man has poured an incalculable amount of his life into Retro City Rampage. That might sound like a long time for what started out as a simple Grand Theft Auto III de-make, but what the game has blossomed into is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The game is so positively overflowing with content, so wide in scope, that it’s guaranteed to push you into a delectable state of overdose throughout your time with it. This game is insane.

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guitarded772046d ago

Between RCR and New Little King's Story, my Vita has been getting a hell of a workout. The only thing pulling me away from it is studying for midterms, and Dishonored. We're just getting into the best part of the year for gamers... can't wait for the rest of October and November.

GribbleGrunger2046d ago

You might want to give Dokuro and Snapshot a go when they hit too:

beerkeg2046d ago

I'll be picking this up on Steam at the end of the week, looks like something I'd love.