Best Buy's Wii U demo station/end cap - first look

"Well, looks like we'll definitely be playing New Super Mario Bros. U on these demo stations, at the very least. Also seems that there will Wiimote/Nunchuk setups to drive home the fact that they're compatible. Thanks to Tradint for the heads up!", writes GoNintendo.

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colonel1791885d ago

It looks nice!...

I will wait until next E3 to buy the Wii U. I would like to see what they announce, so I can make a better decision. I am not interested in any of the launch games, but I have a hunch that the Wii U will have better support from third parties. Also, if a PS4 or Xbox 3 is announced at E3 next year, the Wii U will have to wait until a new Mario or a new Zelda comes out.

bwazy1885d ago

New Metroid Prime series would make it a day one buy for me.

jjdoyle1885d ago

metroid for sures. i wants to know what retro is workings on.

taquito1885d ago

totally going on wednesday to check it out :)

best buy is like 5 min from my house, gotta see it!

wiiulee1885d ago

nice if both best buys and gamespot has it then i can go get my hands on the wiiu before launch..