Top 5 Reasons Final Fantasy Tactics Deserves a Sequel

Top 5 Reasons why the classic Strategy Role Playing game Final Fantasy Tactics deserves a sequel.

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Godmars2901927d ago

This is cautious ground. One because it there were sequels on the Gameboy and DS, but then they followed the new policies of being more and directly interconnected than other entries in the franchise.

DragonKnight1927d ago

Those turds weren't sequels. They were spinoffs of a spinoff. The Tactics Advance series was terrible by comparison to the original. I'm talking an actual sequel here, maybe done with the same presentation style of Valkyria Chronicles. That would be awesome.

Godmars2901927d ago

Unfortunately, that's likely as best as you're going to get from Square in their current condition. Something that's going to lean more towards style than substance. Something that's going to use its lore as a crutch while generating sales from fans.

Me? I wish they'd take a look at Xcom and apply it to the next Front Mission or make Gun Hazard for PSN/XBL.

DragonKnight1927d ago

Yeah, I suppose that SE wouldn't do the game any justice in their current condition. One can still hope though.

Da One1927d ago

FFT >>>>>

Why won't they give me a sequal

Omegabalmung1927d ago

I wouldn't want them to make one anyways. Square would find some way to mess it up just like what they did to Front Mission.

DragonKnight1927d ago

Maybe we should make a petition. Lol.

spok221927d ago

someone should make one on lbp vita lol

DragonKnight1926d ago

Interesting thought, but can lbp vita do strategy games?

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