iGG: NYCC 2012 | Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Hands-On Impressions

Typically when a popular console franchise makes its way on to a handheld, there is a lot of skepticism amongst the fans as to whether the handheld version could deliver a console experience. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation has suffered from such skepticism and after playing it, it feels very much like Assassin’s Creed.

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SoundGamer2012d ago

For a handheld game, it looks great. Liberation along with Most Wanted will be my next Vita games for sure. That is, the next Vita games that aren't downloadable only titles.

iXenon2012d ago

Playing Liberation made me more excited to pick up the bundle on the 30th.

profgerbik2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Need for Speed does like alright but I wasn't too impressed at all with the Vita version. I know EA could have done more with it, plus I am sick of EA half assing their products and not adding any cross play functionality.

I am going to buy WRC 3 instead, then probably pick up need for speed later. I just find it very hard to support EA right now, they really don't deserve it.

My first picks for this month are Ragnorok Odyssey (might come out Nov 1st) and Liberations hands down they look like the most fun.

Need for Speed on Vita reminds me too much of Need for Speed on PSP.

dboi7872012d ago

Didn't get to try out the second mission, but the first mission was great. Felt very much like an AC title. Also, for some reason, I feel like I'm gonna care about Aveline more than Connor. *prepares for rages*

Sanquine902012d ago

LOL did anyone read this guys preview? The end part is really good. Complaining about graphics ( NO AA) and then that the title is going to be atleast mediocre..

George Sears2012d ago

This is why I dislike when 15 year olds think they're journalists.

profgerbik2012d ago


Was funny the entire article was contradicting. He gives it so much praise, then at the bottom talks about how it doesn't look that great and is mediocre at best.

Jesus christ people it is a handheld stop expecting it to perform exactly like a console.

I am pretty sure how ever long it will be until the next Sony handheld comes out it will be literally console quality.

The Vita is damn close enough for me and people need to just appreciate that.

MasterCornholio2012d ago

Its like comparing Resident Evil Revelations to Resident Evil 6. Its an absurd thing to do because naturally handhelds are going to be a lot weaker than stationary consoles or gaming PCs.

But anyways the graphics on the Vita are excellent for a handheld and im impressed that it can even handle an Assasins Creed game that isn't like the extremely watered down PSP ones.

The PSP ones were so bad that it didnt even feel like an AC game.