Golden Axe: Beast Rider - New Details and Screenshots.

"Decapitations, nudity and bloodletting"

Gameplayer has gone live with some information and screenshots on the next-gen reinvention of the famous Golden Axe series entitled Beast Rider.

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Scarfy3687d ago

... Sega will see sense and do a next gen remake of Golden Axe 1..?

Well, one can dream.

SlappingOysters3687d ago

How can you not be excited about the prospect of playing a next-gen Golden Axe.

Yeah it could suck, but it also could be to the original what Metroid Prime was to Super Metroid!!

SlappingOysters3687d ago

Forgot to add, I am pretty sick and tired of the virtual console and old school games returning just as they were, with a slight visual polish.

Bring on Final Fight 3D and California Games

ban fans3687d ago

is they better not screw this up! So many things could go wrong with a new version of a gaming classic like this. I hope they can pull it off and still have that classic Golden Axe flavor. I fear, however, it will turn out to be just another hack and slash adventure.

InMyOpinion3687d ago

They already screwed up by not making Ax Battler the main character.

biomajor093687d ago

make this game only one player? Come on the whole fun of golden axe was playing with one of your buddies hacking down enemies and fighting to see which one gets to ride the killer dragon.

SaiyanFury3687d ago

I don't care what anybody says, I've always loved playing as Tyris Flare. The other characters were good of course, but I always liked her style. This game is gonna be near the top of my "to buy" list when it's released.


I had slim to zero hope for this title untill I saw that vid

It has renewed my interest in this game, great post

you get a bubb from me sun !