GameSpot reviews Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

It's not surprising that the Nintendo DS iteration of Assassin's Creed doesn't feature the often-stunning, open-world exploration of its console counterparts. It does feature many of the same elements, however: An attractive visual style, some nice animation work, and decent sound effects that make the Middle Eastern cityscapes you explore feel alive with activity. Its fundamental design, however, bears a closer resemblance to another of Ubisoft's landmark properties: Prince of Persia. In Altair's Chronicles, you travel through 3D environments on a mostly linear path, avoiding traps, scaling walls, and occasionally beating up some bad guys in the process. When the game hits its stride, this makes for some fairly enjoyable entertainment. Unfortunately, clunky controls and an overall lack of refinement frequently conspire to sully the experience.

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