New Playstation Store Goes Live Next Week

Sony’s new and improved version of the Playstation Store is on its way. We’ve got a list of the new features you can expect to find.

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RmanX10001919d ago

Will the Vita store be different at all or is this a PS3 store only update?

NovusTerminus1919d ago

Vita store will stay the same if I recall correctly.

jwk941919d ago

Vita store is the same for the time being.

smashman981919d ago

I hope this is being done to match a new interface on the ps4

r211919d ago

Cool, looks slick, its gonna take me some time getting used to it though. The search feature seems way better than the current one :D

BitbyDeath1919d ago

Looks amazing, thanks for posting. Have a helpful bubble

RedSoakedSponge1919d ago

nice to see it in action!

shame its HHG though.....

i cant help but hate that guy.

so unprofessional.

360ICE1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

You have a demo that's not HHG?
I've given that guy too many clicks after clicking on stories like "Final Fantasy VII remake will be 360 exclusive" and other complete speculative BS he just makes up on the spot.

El_Colombiano1918d ago

Oh sweet! *HHG* nevermind. Not worth the click.

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The story is too old to be commented.