5 Games That Need To Be On PC

DSOGaming writes: "Before starting, I would like to let everyone know that this is an opinion article and the ways I’ve arranged the games are mostly due to my preference of gaming. Also the choices are games that are likely to be ported, so you won’t see me list out First-Party games like Uncharted or Halo. I will be considering multi-platform titles only in this piece."

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nofallouthero1953d ago

we do need mk9 and red dead on pc just thinking about the mods for them makes me drool

Farsendor11952d ago

i don't understand why mk9 never made it to pc 360 controller would have been fine for the game.

Moncole1952d ago

Its because publishers are stupid and think the PC market is small.

ShaunCameron1952d ago

@ Monocle

Nah. It's because publishers are not gonna waste their time, money or resources on entertaining pirates.

Linsolv1952d ago


Then why do they release things on Xbox 360???


but no seriously every game on 360 gets pirated.

finite1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Should of called this article 1 game that should be on PC this should be Red Dead Redemption, don't need any of the others :)

pandehz1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Totally for Red Dead

I never cared about the other games on the list.

Instead of the others the author should add Halo 3,reach and 4. Pc and shooter hell yes

Uncharted. Put Uncharted graphics to the test and showcase it in all its glory

FF 13,2 Pc gamers love rpg

Im sure at one point the devs must be telling themselves, ''IS this the best the game deserves? 256 mb of vram?''

If I were a dev co. I would unleash these games on PC.

Psychotica1952d ago

I would like to see Demon Souls on the PC, though it will never happen.

PCgamer4ever1952d ago

Red Dead Redemption.Nothing else.

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