A Date With The Wii U

As you may know a few of the guys from Game-Modo attended an event in Manchester yesterday called Play Expo. One of the things we most wanted to check out was the Wii U section. We personally love the Wii but it did have its shortcomings in a few areas. Saying that, it was and still is rather innovative and did what Nintendo do best and pull in people to play games.

Come check out what we thought of the Wii U.

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victoryscreeeeeech2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Best Buy gonna have demo stations of the Wii U on October 17, I hope my local store gets one.

wiiulee2012d ago

yeah can't wait to try out this super system

GameTechZero2012d ago

I was highly sceptical but its superb mate.