Pachter Examines Zynga's Flailing, sees Wii U Failing

AListDaily interviews Pachter on Zynga and the Wii U, sharing the importance of Zynga monetizing every user and his feeling that the Wii U feels disaggregated in design.

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mafiahajeri2050d ago

Finally Patch your making some sense now.

Outside_ofthe_Box2050d ago

Once again Pachter states the obvious!

thorstein2049d ago

The only problem with predicting a Wii U failure is that the preorders are selling out. I am not a huge Nintendo fan since before the N64 (N64 wasn't bad). I have a Wii, but I also have children that play on it often.

IF they weren't selling out, then I could see his point.

MasFlowKiller2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )


I dont think he is saying it is going to fail, i think he is saying that it is going to have a hard time selling.

At this point it is up to Nintendo, they will need to invest in 1st party since i too think they will have issue attracting unique 3rd party games.

I dont want to call developers lazy but they are(not by choice, mostly blame publishers)

Outside_ofthe_Box2049d ago

The Wii U will do fine. Especially when that new Zelda comes out...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32048d ago

"I dont think he is saying it is going to fail, i think he is saying that it is going to have a hard time selling. "

Even if he meant both, anyone considering such a thing should have their head examined.

Eyeco2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I think the Wii-U will sell fine as well but i'm having a hard time believing its gonna sell as well or as fast as the WII tbh.

That and I don't Zelda is gonna impact it sales, I've said this before the only people that buy Zelda games are the same people that bought the games since Ocarina of Time or even since the 1st title. How can I say that ? well statistically Zelda games usually sell anywhere between 4 and 7 mllion (OoT) copies and have done for years meaning it's the same people buying the games,Not that theres anything wong with that, its the same with Halo.

sphinct2048d ago

this guy is very black and white. he is either very right or very wrong.

sikbeta2048d ago

I like how since he was called out so many time, he plays it safe on gaf by "not picking sides" and when he has a chance, talk about failure...

Leviathan2048d ago

Why does this guy still have a job?

Waddy1012048d ago

@theorstein Pre-orders may be "selling it" but what's to say that isn't just Nintendo not making enough consoles to make it look like there is massive demand. Until we have proper figures on pre-order numbers, not just "pre-orders selling out" then we can't build up a proper picture.

As for the Wii U i just don't see any appeal behind it personally, maybe when there is a zelda or a metroid game then i may consider buying one.

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HammadTheBeast2049d ago

I love this guy lol. Articles about him have many lulz.

memots2049d ago

I think most the "lulz" are from these forum reactions.

live2play2049d ago

everything he says, the opposite is the truth :o

live2play: "I'm not a fan of michael patcher"

fei-hung2049d ago

I don't always agree with Patxher, but going by what you said, Zynga should grow as a company not the other way round.

Highlife2049d ago

I'm not a fan of it either but who should care?

showtimefolks2049d ago

i like patcher but wasn't it him who said gta 3 will sell 300k? and borderlands will fail?

i don't see wii-u doing 100 million or even 80 million like wii did so if that's failure than so be it but i think it will sell 60-70 million life time which imo is a success

just like people call psp a failure and its around 65 million world wide sales wise. yeh yeh i know 3ds did better but something that sells 60 plus million can not be a failure

Nicolee2049d ago

Patch : " They sold 90 million Wii’s, it’s certainly less than 90 million hardcore fans "

sound like true analyst .

ShinMaster2048d ago

Well there is truth to that.

When you have a core game like Zelda: Skyward Sword sell 3.4mil and games like Wii Fit and Wii Play sell 30 mil, then you know who's really buying the Wii, compared to the sales of the GameCube and N64 before it.

MoonConquistador2048d ago

@Beastforlifenoob - No he didn't call Wii fit a core game, he did however refer to Zelda as a core game. Maybe you should read and comprehend what he's saying before replying next time

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LX-General-Kaos2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

I wish Pachter the best of luck with his future purchase of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Hopefully one day he may be blessed with Nintendo offerings that him and his family can enjoy together. While taking advantage of the next generation tablet like control functionality of Nintendos new innovative game pad.

I am looking forward to competing against Pachter and his family online in the next gen iteration of the Mario Kart franchise exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Rated E For Everyone

360ICE2050d ago

Still no idea if you're kidding, overdoing it or if you're a nutjob.

...Kinda leaning towards nutjob.

nrvalleytime2049d ago

Gotta admit - these threads are extremely enjoyable.

blumatt2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I gave you a Well Said. lol

I too believe he is overly obsessed. haha

I mean if you're a fan, it's one thing, but this guy just overdoes it. And that is an understatement. I'm a HUGE fan of PlayStation but I don't go nearly to the extent he does to express it.

----------------------------- ----------------
OT: The Wii U should do fine. I don't think it's going to be the runaway success the Wii was just due to the fact that not a lot of moms and grandmas are going to plunk down $300/350 USD just to play the same Just Dance and Wii Fit games, and there's not enough of a differentiator within that tablet to justify them upgrading just to have the tablet show some heart readings or something that's also on the TV screen. lol

blumatt2048d ago

Why all the disagrees? Explain yourselves Internet cowards. LoL

ConstipatedGorilla2048d ago

I think he's the last 2, but he always cracks me up with these corporate comments.

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Oldman1002049d ago

I love how your comments are open for interpretation. Some see it as fanboyism or trolling, while others like myself see it mostly as comedy. The reactions to your comments are chocolate on the strawberry.

I would like to see you and DarkSniper have a back and forth, even if you guys are the same person.

Rated F for Funny

LX-General-Kaos2048d ago

Thank you for your support and positive attitude. One can only hope for more people with those qualities.

fatstarr2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Pachter always predicts the failure of everything Nintendo he has a 10% success rate and a 90% fail rate when predicting for this company.

I would have more fear if he predicted success.

though his vita predictions = spot on.

MaxXAttaxX2048d ago

Certainly far behind from being anything like a tablet.

Implementation ≠ "innovation"

And why would someone need luck?

MasterCratosKong662048d ago

would it have raised prices to add multitouch?
probably a little

would it have been a necessary addition with plenty of physical buttons, a gyroscope, and control sticks on the gamepad that can already take on any helpful function brought on by multitouch?
not at all

Can you come up with 5 implementations that can't be covered by the other controls to prove me wrong?
probably not but you are welcome to try

ElectricKaibutsu2048d ago

The thing with a capacitive screen is it's not as durable as a resistive one. These systems are designed for kids to drop and misuse. The reason multitouch exists is because the touch screen is the only way to control an iPad or smartphone. You need multitouch to have more control options. Having face buttons, triggers, and two analog sticks solves that problem. Unless you're talking about directly porting iPad games to it, but I think for the most part inputs could be remapped to the physical controls.

At least that's why I imagine Nintendo is sticking with resistive when there is really no cost benefit anymore.

ConstipatedGorilla2048d ago

It's not the tablet itself, it's the way Nintendo is integrating it into gameplay and it's other functionality that is "next gen". No other home console has done anything like it to this point, so it is "next gen" whether you're interested in it or not. Do I think it will be the most powerful of the next gen systems? No, but I'm looking forward to what they do with the system.

MaxXAttaxX2048d ago

I was simply refuting LX-General's silly statements.

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zdkapl2050d ago

Michael Pachter doesn't like the Wii U? How surprising.

Erimgard2050d ago

He's always been critical of Nintendo. That said, just a month ago he claimed the system would be highly successful.

And I wouldn't say comparing a system to the DS is a bad thing....the DS sold over 150 million units. Of course, he said that system was doomed too.

napoleon10662050d ago

Saying "I don't like X" and "I think X will be successful" are two very distinct possessions. I hate the Yankees, but I still think they're going to be successful most years. This case is no different. Patcher doesn't personally like the Wii U, but he thinks it will be financially successful.

Let's not pretend those positions are contradictory. They're not.