DS "Otome" (Dating/Romantic) Games for Girls from D3 Publisher

Dear My Sun, a PS2 "otome" game in which the player has to raise two kids as a single mother, sold well enough in Japan for the publisher D3 to throw a live musical event in Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall on Sunday (February 10). At the event, D3 Publisher announced that they will develope otome games for the Nintendo DS.

The first Nintendo DS otome title from D3 Publisher is tentatively scheduled for a summer release in Japan. It is called Hoshi Sora no Comic Garden (loosely Comic Garden in the Starry Sky).

[ Contributor's Notes: According to Wikipedia, an otome game is a video game that is targeted towards a female market, where one of the main goals, besides the plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the player character (a female) and one of several male characters. Otome literally means maiden in Japanese, and it includes both visual novels and simulation games. Otome games are simply explained as the shoujo equivalent of visual novel dating games, but some of them have more gameplay elements than chasing men. Princess Maker and Dear My Sun are examples of otome games with an emphasis on raising or caring for a character. ]

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