Amazon releases Square Enix PC pack, incredible value

On this day, it's very good to be a PC gamer. Amazon has just released a compilation pack of Square Enix PC titles for a low price.

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aquamala1983d ago

$9.99 for all this

1. Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition
2. Deus Ex Human Revolution Missing Link DLC
3. Hitman: Blood Money
4. Just Cause 2
5. Just Cause
6. Quantum Conundrum
7. Supreme Commander 2
8. The Last Remnant

1983d ago
pansenbaer1983d ago

Too bad it's currently unavailable...

49erguy1983d ago

Yeah I just headed to amazon with all intentions to buy and its currently unavailable :(

FarCryLover1821983d ago

At least we get $2 off something else now...