ZombiU: Based on the Armageddon Prophecies of John Dee

ZombiU releases exclusively for the Wii U next month, and is easily one of the most anticipated titles from the high-quantity, high-quality launch. Ubisoft have tasked some of their best developers to deliver a mature and unique take on the survival horror genre. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is that this isn’t just another zombie outbreak, Ubisoft have explored the prophecies of John Dee to produce a storyline with a lot of substance. Who is John Dee you ask?

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Pillsbury11772d ago

Can't wait for this game! This is gonna be true to survival horror. Not many games left where you actually care whether you die. RIP resident evil.

sknygy1772d ago

Such a shame what's happened to RE. I think it's why I was so happy with Dead Space being scary, and now it seems that may be changing for the worse too.. Yet to play it so will reserve judgement.

Bluenuts91771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I want this game so damn bad it's not even funny. Oh my God this game is going to be amazing, and tough. Tekken tag is looking awesome too.

sknygy1771d ago

Pre-ordered it yet? I have! :D

Bluenuts91769d ago

Oh hell yes!! I'm going to love double tapping some undead on the 18th!!

sknygy1769d ago

I gotta wait 12 days longer than you!!! *sob!*

Bluenuts91768d ago

Oh man that sucks, I don't get why they choose to release the Wii U on the 30th in Europe and not just have it the 18th in both Europe and NA!!