Xbox Music Is Useless on Xbox

When Xbox Music -- goodbye, Zune Marketplace -- launches on your 360 on October 16, the ad-supported streaming service will debut globally with a song library of 30 million, 18 million of which will be available instantly for United States users on a free or subscription-based basis. The catch (of course there’s a catch!) is that Xbox Music is a fantastic application for a very specific kind of person.

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ChunkyLover531801d ago

Ya, 30 million songs are totally useless..../s

EVILDEAD3601801d ago

LOL..I love Zune Music account so who cares if they change the name.

If your a huge music fan like I am then nothing is touching it..IMO Love the fact you get all of the big new releases the day they come out.

Plus you can listen through your PC or laptop. I love when I discover a new artist or group through the other music services and then use my Zune and have access to the whole discography.

Although there definately are times when an artist doesnt allow certain albums to be streamed thought the service.

Far from useless


Grap1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

This Page is useless

rpd1231801d ago

Page not found. Dafuq.

antbolton891801d ago

IGN have taken the page down, don't know why hopefully will be back up soon

FarCryLover1821801d ago

They realized that IGN on the internet is useless.

AngelicIceDiamond1801d ago

I wish I can actually read the reasons why Xbox Music is Useless.

green1801d ago

Where is the article?

Belking1801d ago

Didn't buy mine for music, that's why my ipod is for.

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