Swimming With Sharks: Another Crazy Half Life 3 Theory

GP writer Jared discusses his crazy theory about Half-Life 3 in connection with Gabe Newell's hate of sharks.

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Bumpmapping2017d ago

That whale is about to get attacked by a shark!
Oh wait that's Gabe Newell....

Knight_Crawler2017d ago

Dam you man...dont you know that a fat joke about Gabe a day keeps HL EP3 away.

The shark will probably die from diabetes after he eats Gabe :) Just added another year of Gabe holding back the release of HL EP3 : (

mafiahajeri2017d ago

LOOOL good one. I have a deep fear of sharks if I got into a under water cage with great whites all around I would have a heart attack not probably a %100 sure.

2017d ago