The Potential Of Pokémon: What Nintendo Could Do With NFC

GR: The moment it was revealed that the Wii U GamePad would support near-field communication, I think just about every Pokémon fan's mind started racing at the possibilities of what Nintendo might be planning with their popular "Pocket Monsters" franchise. Anyone who has followed the game industry for some time is well-aware of the unpredictability of the Big N, so attempting to guess what they'll do is about a futile as trying to win the lottery. Fortunately for you, that's not going to stop me from providing you with my two cents.

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insertcoin2047d ago

I think the figurines, while nice to look at, would be going overboard. There are way too many Pokemon now to justify it. However, I can imagine thick playing cards with chips inside.

alexcosborn2047d ago

Agreed. The cards are a much more probable option.

dbjj120882047d ago

Definitely. If be totally surprised by figures, though I wouldn't be surprised by this business move.

zdkapl2047d ago

It would be cool as long as you didn't have to buy a figure for each and every Pokemon.

alexcosborn2047d ago

I couldn't imagine them requiring you to purchase all of them - if that's what you mean.

chanmasta2047d ago

I hope they implement connectivity with Google Wallet as that's getting very popular now. A simple touch with my Android phone and I can pay for stuff in stores, as well as transmit videos, photos, web pages, etc. in a blip to something else NFC enabled.

knifefight2047d ago

I kinda hope they do something cool but not horribly expensive with the Pokemon franchise and Wii-U.