‘Halo 4’ Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle gets big pre-order discount

In addition to the current Xbox 360 250GB and 4GB Kinect systems, the upcoming ‘Halo 4’ Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle will also be getting a big discount.

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ChunkyLover531885d ago

Microsoft pushing for another great holiday season! Wonder if the addition of a new Halo game will get them over 1 million sold on Black Friday, which is what they had last year on Black Friday.

guitarded771885d ago

I already have 2 XBOXs, but that makes me want to buy another one. Really cool looking. I also wish I had the Star Wars edition XBOX... it's still my favorite 360.

DOOMZ1885d ago

Smart! Looks like another awesome holiday for Xbox! Its great to see a western console do so well, rock on...

kingPoS1885d ago

I'm sure it'll have a hard drive of at least 320gb (the people demand it!)
I would too

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