Too many leaks in the industry?

"Close your windows, shut your eyes and for the love of god disconnect your internet and turn of your twitter feed and Email applications. Halo 4 has leaked and the internet is all in a buzz over it. As of yet the leak has not been nailed down, and 343 have preferred not to comment on the matter, as yet."

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blue_cheese1984d ago

im failing to see why a leak is relevant to a games commercial success? when has a halo game ever had poor sales? never, so the leak wont matter to anyone who was planning on buying the game already. if people don't buy the game because of the leak, they likely would have been the people who wouldn't have purchased the game anyhow. also every game leaks, they have been for decades now, not sure why Microsoft is treating this like some big deal other than to get publicity for the launch of Halo 4. as to the spoilers, obviously don't click on anything related to Halo 4, simple as that.

Godmars2901984d ago

What are you expecting when most of your work force is contracted instead of a regular hire?

sonicsidewinder1984d ago

Jus reminded me,

I need to take a leak :C

sdozzo1984d ago

They are not leaks. They purposely release this stuff Cmon.

brich2331984d ago

someone at microsoft must be doing it because i remember when gears 2 was leaked a month prior also.

Summons751983d ago

yeah....purposely, and did Aliens help plot 9/11 with the government? Common guy get real. Some asshole guy at a factory stole couple of copies and it snowballed from there.

jetpacksheep1984d ago

I agree, When I watch E3 and Gamescom live streams I want to be surprised by what is coming and most of the time you end up finding out before hand through your usual run down of websites.

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