David Cage: PS3 still "very powerful", people will be surprised at what it can do with Beyond

David Cage opens up on creating a new game at the end of the PS3's lifecycle, explaining that the console is still very powerful and people will be surprised with it after seeing Beyond: Two Souls.

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GalacticEmpire1773d ago

The complex architecture of the PS3 has made progress slow for developers but there's still a lot of potential in that black box. We should still be seeing improvements in PS3 games, even this far into the gen. They may not be obvious or mindblowing but there's definitely more horsepower hidden away there.

TCG_Returns1773d ago

For sure.Some of the most visually impressive games this gen are thanks to PS3

blitz06231773d ago

It's good to see developers realizing what the PS3 can do and take advantage of it. Tired of seeing lazy devs *cough* Bethesda.

t0mmyb0y1773d ago

I agree. Also, Beyond = Confirmed PS3 title.

LocutusEstBorg1773d ago

Why don't any of them run at 1080o or 60FPS? That alone is proof that the GPU is maxed out and can't render fast enough. Reducing something else isn't magically using more hidden power.

Quetzll1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

hidden power probably isn't the best way to describe it.

but i wouldn't doubt that there are still some new tricks devs can pull by focusing less on pizel count and framerate

edit: pixel

piroh1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


some games are 1080p 60 fps, but there aren't many reasons why making these games, it's a waste of resources and time for programming

PS3 is capable 60 fps full hd games, even ps2 was capable 60 fps games

anyway, games aren't made by hardware, games are made by talented people, that's why Last of us, Gran Turismo 5 or Last guardian looks like next-gen material

slayorofgods1773d ago


Bethesda is also script heavy and requires more memory then say GTA4 (a game that if you walk four feet away from your car it goes away). For visuals you can rely on Sony's Cell processor, but the cell isn't going to remember where all the bodies are in Skyrim.

Awesome_Gamer1773d ago

I agree, 360 fanboys are so dulsional, anyone that doesn't admit PS3 exclusives have the best graphics this gen is clearly blind.

andibandit1772d ago

For sure, the PS3 is a supercomputer and becomes more powerful with age.......wait what?.

Nutsack1772d ago

Both sides are right in some way.

No, there isn't a massive amount of power hidden somewhere, this is 2006 hardware and not some futuristic alien technology, or it becomes magically more powerful by its age.

BUT, we've also seen in the past that every console at the end of its lifecycle gets games that squeeze out the last bits of power out of every till then part of the system that wasn't known how to use before.

If we look at last gen, just see what God of War 2 did on the PS2. Or when looking at the competition, what Fable or Doom 3 did on the XBOX 1 hardware. The XBOX 1 had a Celeron 733Mhz CPU (at that time used in laptops and cheapass PC's that weren't advised for gaming really), a Geforce 3 GPU (that was on the PC market out for years and years already and seen as old tech) and 64MB Ram.

To play Fable on a PC back then took a pretty high spec machine to show something on screen that matched Fable on the XBOX.

We didn't see those games at launch, or even mid consolecycle.

Coming back to this gen and the PS3 specifically, there is more that shows that the PS3 is pushed further, maybe even more so than the 360. Not because it has so much stronger hardware, but because of 2 reasons:

1. PS3's tech was so hard to explore, compared to 360, that now after 6 years of extra hard work the devs know the tricks to achieve the same and all that extra effort might even give the edge in some more

2. Because Sony spend more money on 1st party studios and thus specifically written engines for the PS3 to explore the specific hardware (compared to the 360 that mostly had to run on 3rd party engines, with Epics engine on top), they could squeeze more out of the console. Games like Uncharted show this.

And actual proof that the PS3 even can get one step further is already shown in footage of The Last of Us.

If anyone likes to deny that TLOU isn't again a WOW moment, another step up on whats out there already for the consoles, then one is in denial.

So yes, the PS3 isn't powerful enough to do native 1080p for all games in a high framerate (neither 360, nor I bet even WiiUpgrade), those few that do are always less demanding games in physics, effects, number of enemies on screen etc (same way the original XBOX 1 had 720p for some games though the XBOX 1 component cable pack but always had less detail and stuff going on then other games). BUT at the end of a lifecycle there are always a couple of jewels that make a console shine.

Period, the ones disagreeing are either fanboys of a specific system that dislike another system getting a game like TLOU or in this case Beyond or they haven't looked at what games in former gen(s) were pushed out at the end of the lifecycle that are just true diamonds in their generation.

ChrisW1772d ago

Despite how phenomenally awesome the graphics and effects would be over the competitions', if the PS3 were easier to develop for then gamers would complain that PS3 had hit its limit and is lame.

People love "room for improvement". It keeps them on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the next new awesome thing. In other words, it's an elaborate marketing ploy concocted by Sony.

subtenko1772d ago

So when the Wii U comes out, if I dont see a title that looks and plays as good as The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls, what does that mean?

I'm asking PlayStation fans and Nintendo fans, but mostly Nintendo fans for your opinion on that.

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zerocrossing1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I understand that the complexity of PS3's inner workings have been a struggle for many devs, but c'mon now, the PS3's been out like 6 years or so, that's plenty of time for anyone to get accustomed to the architecture, the real problem is many devs are just too lazy to put the effort in when they gain large profits regardless.

MikeMyers1773d ago

It takes time to really get the best out of the hardware. It's just too bad some developers seem to need new hardware to jumpstart innovation again. That's why I'm looking forward to this game quite a bit. There is still lots of great ideas they can do now without the need for new systems. It's always nice having that leap forward each generation, but when they don't have to struggle with new hardware they can concentrate more of making a great game while already knowing the systems capabilities.

GalacticEmpire1773d ago


Completely agree, there's a lot of studios out there just out for the easy money. However there are some devs that will eek out every possible advantage that the cell PS3 has to offer.

Take Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 3, while the improvement was not a massive leap, as 2 was from 1, there were notable improvements in physics, lighting and such. The cruise liner levels in particular highlight this point.

The_KELRaTH1772d ago

I don't agree it's down to lazy devs rather a combination of publisher cost restraints and less experience with specific PS3 coding.
A PC dev can quickly adjust to coding the 360, they can also port code to the PS3 but that means not making use of all the SPE's.
But that brings another issue; adding code to make use of the SPE's requires more memory but the PS3 doesn't have extra memory rather it has slightly less usable system memory.

I wonder how many ppl using N4G can use 2 to 3 languages natively - not many I'll bet.

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ritsuka6661773d ago

The PS3 is an architectural nightmare with many bottlenecks.the strange CPU, the archaic GPU, the slow Blu-Ray drive. It's a mess and only developers with a lot of dedicated time can make a program that runs well on it. It's a PoS and only Sony fanboys deny it.

Bumpmapping1773d ago

Don't worry little fella I hear you.I would be pissed too knowing nothing comes close Sony exclusives in terms of graphics.

firelogic1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

And yet with all those supposed faults, the PS3 has the best looking games this generation.

And it's time to put the myth that the bd drive is slow to rest. The bd drive reads/writes at a uniform speed whether it's getting data from the outside of the disc or inside.

DVD drives don't read at a uniform rate. It's slow on the outside, faster on the inside. When you average out the speeds, the diff b/w bd and dvd is negligible. And again, games like GoW3 and Uncharted stream seamlessly with zero loading so why isn't the SLOW bd drive hindering those games?

If even one game can astound with it's visual prowess, it means that the other devs are lazy.

GribbleGrunger1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It's actually faster on the outside and slower on the inside. Although it takes exactly the same time for a point on the inside to turn 360%, less data can be written there, whilst on the outside more data can be written there and accessed within that 360% spin.

jd6661773d ago

It's funny how the developers who call it a 'challenge' get good results and the ones who call it 'hard work' are the ones who do the bad ports! Since when was working for a living not 'hard work' for most of us!! It's down to laziness!!

SegataShanshiro1773d ago

Everyone is mad cause hes saying the pure and honest 100% truth...the ps3 is a relic and should be euthanized along with the xbox 360

Quetzll1773d ago


to be fair, a game like uncharted doesn't have half of the variables that come with open world/sandbox games like skyrim. just being able to pick up and move objects, alone, creates a nearly incalculable amount of outcomes.

now imagine finally getting those variables under control so that when you pick up an orange, it doesn't go flying or interfere with other elements of the game. im sure it takes tons of time. then you have to optimize it for a whole other system while maintaining the control of the variables.

point being - it takes tons of time and space/memory to make an open world/sandbox game. so hindered graphics on those games isn't due to lazy devs.

Holeran1773d ago

Wow, I need some of what you're smoking.

1773d ago
Bloodraid1773d ago


Are you insane? Have you not looked at the PC in the past couple of years?

d0nni31773d ago

throw petrol on the fire and do one, classic troll

kikizoo1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Yeah, ok, and only xbox fanboys deny that most beautiffull games/exclusives are for ps3..

so, more complex, ok, but also more powerfull ("[email protected] cpu : a real monster in fact, and bluray drive + instal is better than slow and noisy dvd like yours)

"And there's your reason why PS3 owners ended up with a lot of inferior multiplatform games. "

only xbox fanboyz are really believing this non sens 'a lot of', most of the games are exactly the same (but ok, they should have been better on ps3)

Gondee1772d ago

It is an architectural nightmare. I don't know why, people are still under the impression that its immensely powerful. It was fast back in 05, yes. And for the price you couldn't get a CPU that could output the same FLOPS. IBM designed that CPU for that exact purpose, mass calculations, not rendering.

Microsoft took the exact opposite approach. Give devs no access to the hardware, and augment their engines via DX9. What people never talk about, is that the next gen game systems, Xbox potentially could have 100% back compatibility by nature of their approach.

Bordel_19001772d ago

ritsuka666, maybe a bit too black and white. The PS3 is a good console, and it has delivered some awesome games, both graphically a technically.

But, I'm sure it could do a lot more if it wasn't for some of the limitations you mention. Slow Blu-ray drive, far to little memory are the main bottlenecks for the PS3.

That's why load times are so bad and we often see low quality textures on the PS3.

Only games that have been built from the ground up, around these limitations, really shine on the PS3. All other games suffer when compared to their X360 and PC counterparts.

I really hope that for next generation Sony creates a better more streamlined console that is easy to develop for.

I have 2 PS3 at home (bought one at launch) and I have an AlienWare PC, I find myself playing more and more on the PC. It's a pleasure to use with hires gfx, ssd disk, and tons of memory. The PS3 is really showing its age, everything is so slow, load-times are almost unbareable, it high time for a PS4 console now. I still play a lot of GT5 on it though.

shenpo_shin1772d ago

yep thats why every single ps3 exlcusives looks x100 better than any xbox 360 exclusive...cause of all these craps u just mentioned...kid go back to gaylo