PSP God of War Goes Gold and Ready At Down Celebrates

Congrats to the team at Ready at Dawn. Their game, God of War: Chains of Olympus has finally gone gold. That means its done. Complete. Ready to print. Being sent to stores. Just a few steps away from getting to where it needs to go: in your hands.


Spelling Error in title: Ready At Dawn> Ready at Down

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resistance1003756d ago

My PSP will get use for playing games again =D

INehalemEXI3756d ago

Crisis Core in the same month too PSP's on fir3 !! 0.0 , *grabs an extinguisher*

sonarus3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

i will be gettin crisis core and gow day one. I bought my psp the day gow was announced been almost a yr now and finally its coming.

beoulve3756d ago

is that a pun????

It's ready at Dawn, not ready at down.

moparful993756d ago

Im buying my psp friday just because of this game. This months playstation the official magazine had 3 other games that has me super stoked bout the psp but none more so then god of war!!

GodsHand3756d ago

Just my opinion, but your should get the Daxter pak. Good price for the items it comes with.

Daxter Game
Family Guy UMD
1GB Memory stick
Bonus it's a Silver PSP

All for $199.99 (roughly)
vs the other PSP's at the same price, even the core PSP @ $169.99 (roughly).

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The story is too old to be commented.