Square Enix Launch Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Concert Competition

To celebrate the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary, Square Enix have announced that they are holding a highly exclusive event for Square Enix Members at the Royal Albert Hall. The Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Concert, celebrating the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall sold out in a matter of hours. Fans can enter a prize draw to win one of seventy-five pairs of tickets, with the ballot closing on the 22nd October.

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knifefight2014d ago

Man I would love to go to one of those concerts. ;_;

Godmars2902014d ago

I would love them to not be so full of themselves. Stop exploiting the lore and make actual games.

Fullmetalevolust2014d ago

I've had the chance to attend Distant worlds once and it was a magical evening. FF fans should attend, when the music comes to life you can't help but reminisce about your own experience playing these games.