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Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 partially hurts Dishonored

Daniel Chubb:

If you go looking at the Dishonored reviews on all the websites that matter you’ll find it hard to hit a negative review, which is thanks to the game being outstanding in most areas although for those still bitter about Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3 it doesn’t matter how good the game is, they’re not buying it. Interestingly it’s not Bethesda that developed this game, but thanks to the role of publishing Dishonored it seems the lack of Skyrim Dawnguard and other DLC on the PS3 will affect sales in some way.

The worldwide sales charts will update within the next 24 hours and show just how well Dishonored has done in its first week for the UK, US, and other countries. Some gamers believe these figures will be poor and not as expected, and while we’re hearing from PR readers complaining about no Dawnguard and Hearthfire for PS3, we feel the sales will still impress. (Dishonored, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, PS3)

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Account_5   898d ago | Spam
Hellsvacancy  +   898d ago
Itll affect sales from a handful of gamers "im not buying Bethesda games" those sorts of gamers

Im still gonna buy it, I would of done today, but weed comes first, ill be picking it up on Tuesday for sure
DragonKnight  +   898d ago
Someone's addicted.
b163o1  +   898d ago
I wouldn't say addicted, I'd say he has his preference, games are really not that important. If I had $65 and I haven't smoked and wanted to, guess what I'll get it the next day...(walks out of room rolling up) 😜
DragonKnight  +   898d ago
Games last longer than weed. If you have to buy $65 worth of weed then I'd still say that's more of a need than a preference.
Consoldtobots  +   898d ago
who cares what your opinion of what he does with HIS money is?
Blastoise  +   898d ago
Get with the times, its cool to smoke weed and let everyone know!

*Walks out of room rolling up*

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DragonKnight  +   898d ago
@consoldtobots: Obviously you do since you commented. Probably in the same situation yourself eh?
I see what you did there
Kurt Russell  +   897d ago
Getowned  +   897d ago
Drugs are bad M'kay?

TalesFromTheBud  +   897d ago
lol dragonknight you dont even know what you're talking about... $60 is standard in socal for an 8th which is not much. it might sound like a lot to you but it's a pretty normal amount. I'm not sure how you decided that made it a need rather than a preference. Just because you think the game is a better choice doesn't mean it is.
Cam977  +   898d ago
I have no interest in Dishonored.
Silly gameAr  +   898d ago
Me either, but it seems like people are hyping this up to be one of the greatest games ever...kind of like Skyrim.
-Mika-  +   898d ago
I have this this game and it pretty overrated.The combat is awful and the art design is bad. I didn't get drawn into the story until the end and frankly the entire experience just felt average. I don't why reviewers are giving this a perfect score and alot of people are making it seem like it a perfect game.
Locksus  +   898d ago
I wouldn't call the combat awful. It's challenging if you alert more than one or two guards at a time. It requires precision to block and counter their attack and using your magic skills to you advantage.Still prefer sneaking and choking the enemy.

As for the art direction, it comes down to one's preference. I liked the art direction as I've always liked steampunk. It's fascinating to me. Also, Corvo's mask is damn badass.

Ultimately, it was the freedom that drew me into the game in the beginning. If you like stealth games, you'll like this one.

It was just too short. Can't wait for future DLC.
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BuLLDoG909  +   898d ago
This game is much better then skyrim, its quality over quantity in comparison.
And Beth developers and Beth publishers are 2 different entitys altogether..

Its a long wait between games this thought out and deep, we barely ever get them this good now-a-days, last game i got into so easily and couldnt stop playing was Deus ex HR.
Not interest in a game in which he still commented on to let everyone know that no.., he is not interested
shenpo_shin  +   897d ago
combine BRINK art style with assassins creed in first person view and u have dishonored.

Good game,very good game but whay too short,like 6 hours with everything done.

@mika" say the guy who embrace and thin that FFXIII- RE6 are the best games made this gen,plz kid just shush and go back to these piece of trashes
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SAE  +   897d ago
Yes , overrted but still a great game , i just finished it the second time , it is really fun , at least better then plqying resident evil for me.

it worth playing for me , trophies 87% ^^
-MD-  +   898d ago
How do you have no interest in what's probably the best single player campaign of the year?
Dovahkiin  +   897d ago
This. Anyone who thinks this game is bad, is bad at games.
ZeroX9876  +   898d ago
I got a PS3 and it didn`t stop me from buying the title. why punish a great job from good devs just because their publishing partners didn`t deliver in one of their games.

it`s like saying that EA is always screwing their customers so you won`t buy any games published by EA.

the game is awesome and it runs extremely well by the way.
admiralvic  +   898d ago
I think you're overlooking some things. For starters, Beth has a bit of history with the PS3 being neglected. DLC has come later, constant bugs / glitches, Skyrim, which paints the image of the company not caring about the ps3 or being unable to develop for the ps3. Regardless of what the truth is, people read these actions as so and become important for that simple fact. The same happens with Capcom, people find on disc DLC or something weird and they refuse to buy the title regardless of who is developing it. Thats just how it goes... Also don't forget that publishers have final say.
Sy_Wolf  +   898d ago
Which would be relevant if Bethesda had anything to do with this game other then throwing money at the developers.
ShoryukenII  +   898d ago
Bethesda had a bit more to do with it than that. They could have thrown all that money at the 360 version if they really wanted to. They did it with Skyrim. Also, I'm pretty sure they could've cancelled the game as well. The publisher almost always has a lot to do with the games they publish.
shenpo_shin  +   897d ago
Oblivion was the best version on consoles
so dunno
TalesFromTheBud  +   897d ago
Devs don't like the PS3 because its a pain in the ass to deal with when the other 2 systems have a more similar OS. If you don't like being neglected get an xbox.
PirateThom  +   898d ago
I am fairly sure a lot of people don't care. I'm still getting Dishonoured, because it takes more than one game to change my view of a company. I had issues with Skyrim, but it wasn't how it ran or the lack of DLC, I just didn't like the game.
ziggurcat  +   898d ago
considering that the game and its content is supposed to be multiplatform, and it won't be because the devs are a bunch of incompetent twits? i think that's enough to not want to buy a game from that company, regardless of whether they're developing the game.

sadder still is that they had sony try to help them out, and even *they* couldn't get bethesda's garbage code to work...

6 years into any system's life, this kind of stuff shouldn't be happening.

(despite disagreeing, i have not clicked the disagree button)
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Philoctetes  +   898d ago
I waited a few after the game came out before I bought Dishonored. When the consumer reviews for the PS3 version came back positive, then I went ahead and bought it, and it's been as good as advertised so far.

The important thing, though, is that I will never pre-order another game that had any association with Bethesda ever again. I'm not boycotting them per se, but I'll never trust them enough for a pre-order.
bubblebeam  +   897d ago
Good for you. While I am pissed at them for the horrible job on Skyrim, I'll still be getting Dishonored (maybe next week).

While I understand people being angry (I got over it after a few months lol, maybe even 'gave' up), what is so hypocritical is that these same people wil still be buying games from EA, who have done some pretty bad ports this gen. Hypocrisy at its finest.
Hazmat13  +   898d ago
same, my opinion i don't care about dishonored but im bored and nothing else to play, so i got it. lol
greenpowerz   898d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Locksus  +   898d ago
I loved the game thoroughly and playing it stealthily without killing a soul was so satisfying!

My minor gripes with the game were that Corvo shouldn't be a silent protagonist and that it was too short. I finished it in about 10-13 hours. I hope the future DLC will give us more to play.
I'm going for a lethal playthrough now.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   898d ago
Its sad that most typically if I see the game is made by Bethesda it is an instant buy on the 360. After the New Vegas fiasco and now this I've learned my lesson about games that come out of that studio on the PS3.
Locksus  +   898d ago
Wasn't New Vegas developed by Obsidian?
IIC0mPLeXII  +   898d ago
Actually yeah, sorry I was thinking about what a clusterfuck Fallout has been on PS3.
MattyG  +   898d ago
No you were thinking of what a clusterf*** Bethesda's engines have been on PS3. I think it has less to do with the studio and series and more to do with the tech it's built on.
finite  +   898d ago
We can not see owner of PS3 bypassing this over Dawnguard and skyrim issues ... cause we have it on PS3 :P, and since its bethesda that are the publishers and not the developers we dont care....

we have just this to say

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FarCryLover182  +   898d ago
Fallout 4 probably wont be out on current gen, so hopefully they can fix things for PS4
GTRrocker666  +   898d ago
Skyrim was my first and last Bethesda game Ill ever buy. Not just because of the dlc. The entire game lags. There are tons of great games out there that dont lag and run fine on ps3 so i would rather play and spend my money on those ones.
Aghashie  +   898d ago
For me, this is true.

Dishonored looks like an interesting game. But i am not gonna jump and give them my money so easily. I am gonna wait a few months, just to be shure that the game is running flawlessly on my system of choice. Only then i am buying it.
dazzrazz  +   898d ago
Why wait few months when you can read about performance today, unless you mean waiting for patch(es) etc

Aghashie  +   898d ago
Patches, DLC, System issues, etc.

I am one of those games who haven't bought Skyrim yet. At first because i decided to wait for the GOTY edition, but now, after all the shit Bethesda is giving to the PS3 gamers, i am definitely not buying it.

I know Dishonored is from a diferent studio, but yet, the Bethesda name printed somewhere on the box just kill my hype towards the game.

I am waiting. If everything is good, then i buy it. If something goes wrong, then, i didnt wasted my money.
xPhearR3dx  +   898d ago
You know, there's always the option of renting the game. I know people with a PS3 that had zero problems with Skyrim and some that had a few issues. Doesn't hurt to spend a few bucks renting something you could end up really enjoying, rather than going solely based off what you read online.
SaffronCurse  +   898d ago
Yep, renting a game is a great way to see if you'll enjoy the game or not.
Rubberlegs  +   898d ago
I haven't heard of any serious issues with the console version. The game runs on the UE3 which works perfectly fine on the PS3.
If that's what people are worried about that game will be buggy like Skyrim, its not.
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Parappa  +   898d ago
I'll never touch a game that's developed or published by Bethesda. Even games just published by them could be garbage (like Brink).
sonicsidewinder  +   898d ago

More like Yawnguard.
MasterCornholio  +   898d ago
The good thing about Dishonored is that it isn´t being made by Bethesda. But i can understand why some PS3 owners freak out when they see Bethesdas name on the box.

I bought Skyrim at launch for the PS3 and while i had a good time with the game there were a ton of issues with it. I will never forget the freezes that i got every time that i would enter water in the game. Seriously if Bethesda cant produce a game that works on the PS3 they shouldn´t have released it for the console. I prefer missing out on the game than suffering from a broken one.

People were making claims that Dishonored would be a train wreck on the PS3 but im happy that that isnt the case.
OllieBoy  +   898d ago
I bought Dishonored for PS3...used for $44.99 from Amazon.

Bethesda isn't getting my money. I'll be buying Doom 3 BFG used as well.
KontryBoy706  +   898d ago
see what happens when people fight back with their wallets?
PCgamer4ever  +   898d ago
Great game so far.I finshed first mission in 3 hours,full stealth.Reminds me Thief series.
Skate-AK  +   898d ago
Yeah my brother ran into a game breaking bug in Dishonored. He can't leave this one room cause he keeps hitting an infinite loading screen. PS3 version.
KwietStorm  +   898d ago
lol websites that matter. Wow
ggc94   898d ago | Spam
JKelloggs  +   898d ago
That's one of the main reasons why I'm waiting to get my PC up and running, than get it for the PS3. Can't trust Bethesda games on PS3
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   898d ago
Bethesdas franchises are a bag of over hyped/praised garbage in my opinion...

Skyrim is up there with COD in my book!

The days of multiplat games running better on 1 console over the other should long be over...

Devs say they don't want the most powerful systems version of their multiplat title to overshadow the other console versions coming out. Hoping it don't persuade lop sided sales. But then they don't worry about a console having a s#!ttier running version of the same game?

ass backwards logic on devs parts!
yeah0kchief   897d ago | Spam
Run_bare  +   897d ago
I feel that Dishonored is a good game, too bad it's Bethesda publishing it. I surely cannot support them because of they did with SKYRIM on PS3.

I am a proud PS3 owners and they fail on their promises. In this economy, I have to be careful on what I spend, I will buy XCOM Instead :)
r21  +   897d ago
The studio that made Skyrim messed up, I trust Arkane :)
yeah0kchief   897d ago | Spam
MattyG  +   897d ago
This is very frustrating because Dishonored is such a good game, but many people are too ignorant to realize that Bethesda is publishing, not developing it.
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