Rumortoid: Left 4 Dead headed to PS3? Nope not really (Update)

Nick Chester from Destructoid writes:

"Words can't express how badly I need to be playing Left 4 Dead right now. Turtle Rock Studios' cooperative multiplayer survival-horror first-person shooter not only falls into more genres than you can shake a stick at, but it also looks damned good."

"[Update: Frenzied, we touched base with Valve Doug Lombardi who says "There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead announced, nor in development. Not sure how that got started."

His answer seems pretty straight forward, but we're still holding out hope that the game will make its way to the PS3.]"

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pwnsause3723d ago

they are not going to make a PS3 version, why, because they hate PS3. just look at prior Valve comments.

wageslave3723d ago

Irrational much? They are a business, there are budgets and contracts and licensing.

Valve loves money - like every other player in the videogame business.

These decisions arent made with emotion.

TheIneffableBob3723d ago

It's Gabe Newell who dislikes the PS3, not Valve, the company, as a whole.

I'm sure he'll change his opinion of it over time, though. I know many people who once used to hate the PS3 but now own one.

sonarus3723d ago

valve loves money. Do you think activision would have made as much money keepin cod4 exclusive or making a ps3 version as well. same goes to assassins creed. Almost 10 million ps3's out there so your comment of making money dosent make sense wage slave. The funny thing is at the end of the day it will end up on ps3 considering ea is publishing the game i believe and you know ea's view on exclusives

360_Rules3723d ago

Using that logic then MGS4 is going to end up on the 360 too.

cloud3603723d ago

All of these games wer officialy PC games. PC games mostly for nerd then they decide to make it on 360 as well. HAHAH they dont realise that they getting PC games and not 360 exlusives first

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The Closing3723d ago

I seem to remember the orange box just recently unless that was truly their last straw, which I highly doubt.

koston36473723d ago

its still a great game in my eyes even though i wont get to play it

Mr_Kuwabara3723d ago

I remember seeing a news story of Valve wanting to do an update to fix the "issues" on the PS3 version of The Orange Box. I didn't buy the game but did they really fix those "issues"?

ELite_Ghost3723d ago

no, not yet, not ever maybe

SRuN43723d ago

I'm sure something will come along but it is already too late. They'll try their best because it has the Valve name attached to it and it gives them a bad reputation with some but it's not gonna be worth anything now.

ichimaru3723d ago

get for the pc if you don't have a 360, it doesen't look too techniclly advnce, just addictive. ....really really addictive.

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The story is too old to be commented.