Handheld RPG Scans 10/14

"Here are scans of 20 different RPGs for 3DS, PSP, Vita, and even a few for those phone thingies. Some of the thumbnails are flipped, but the larger images that you’re clicking are fine." -RPGLand

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Myst2074d ago

Not sure what Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is all about but going by the images I want to get it. Project X Zone reminds me of Jumpsuperstars a bit so definitely interested in that.

I hope we will see some of these games.

knifefight2074d ago

Bravely Default is a classic-style Japanese RPG by the creator of "FF: Four Warriors of Light."

Job system detailed:

Interview with producer:

There's a lot of other cool stuff in the category tag, too:

It looks like a pretty sweet game. I hope it goes international.

Myst2074d ago

Oh wow awesome thank you!

GenericNameHere2074d ago

What is this "phone thingie" you talk about? Is that the square cell phone with the banana symbol in the back?

r212074d ago

With these 6 vita games, hopefully sales will boost up in Japan :D

3-4-52073d ago

Yea most of them look good and bring RPG's should help.

Tiny Battlers actually looks kind of good.