Microsoft takes step towards portable Xbox with Danger purchase

With Microsoft's announcement today to buy cell phone software maker Danger Inc., the deal may not only strengthen the software giant's position in consumer mobile phones and strengthen defenses against Google's Android platform, but also mean a new addition for gamers.

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Darkiewonder3725d ago

phone in the future. Now i wonder what hiptop will be.

actas1233725d ago

Exactly. That move was an early indication that Microsoft will follow Apples' footsteps and make their own cellphone. But its possible that they'll integrate a gaming emulator in the phone in order to make it play some simple games ( but thats the case of every other phone in the market nowadays)

gaffyh3725d ago

This is to do with windows mobile to fend off Google, not a portable xbox. Stupid article.

Shaka2K63725d ago

Yeah danger of the heatbox portable exploding in xbois pockets hahahaha.

I Make Stuff Up3725d ago

Google creates something...MS buys someone to compete.

Bzone243725d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Google bought Android in 2005.

iAmPS33724d ago

Copying is always easier then creating, we know the peeps at MS are dumb as hell, they can only survive by pumping fresh blood into the deceased Microsoft veins.

They are on life support on the gaming market.

timmyp533725d ago

I want a Pocket Halo 2. =*(

gnothe13725d ago

Im not sure I would want ANOTHER MS phone!! I'm using a MOTO Q from sprint thats running windows mobile an I cant even send Picture text BECAUSE it runs WINDOWS MOBILE!! I can send picture EMAIL but not picture TEXT. suck because my phone plan charges me 5 bucks a month for picture text but my phone doesnt support it!! THANKS MS

wageslave3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Dude, Sprint uses Windows Mobile as a platform for their own "user-offering".

My Pantech Duo from AT&T is not butchered like Sprint phones.

If you want to complain to someone, talk to Sprint, not MS. In fact, I hope MS does release the HipTop themselves, the American Cellphone market has been a barrier to proper innovation in the cellphone space, and Sprint is a classic example of it.

They tie the phone's up to their pay-for-play moneymaking scams. Take a look at a Windows Mobile 6 phone from someone *other* than Sprint.

@1.1 Above

Regarding cellphone games, wouldnt it be interesting if they made the HipTop, Windows and Xbox 360 play all XNA or Xbox LIVE Arcade games -- maybe that's the point of the size requirement?

We really havent seen the buisness case / plan around XNA yet... Im sure that will have something to do with their portable plan... and/or XBLA? That would work rather well wouldnt it - a nice stable of games appropriate for portable-gameplay...?

Bnet3433725d ago

Looks like their having fun with you ...

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