'Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified' is tailor-made for the Vita, says Nihilistic

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is not meant to act as a port of previous Call of Duty games, but is an experience specifically targeted for the PlayStation Vita, Nihilistic Software CEO Robert Huebner told One of Swords.

According to Huebner, Declassified isn't trying to center on a big campaign storyline or major cinematics.

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Vitalogy1983d ago

Does it really?

I agree with Yodagamer because from what I've seen so far it doesn't look that good.

WipEout 2048 was "tailor-made" for the Vita aswell, except wipeout looks excellent and cod looks like a ps1 game, how about that.

Cam9771983d ago

The graphics have improved.

profgerbik1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

PS1 really? PS1 couldn't handle anything this game puts out.

You may not like the game that is completely fine but that is harsh.

I am not by any means bragging about this game but PS1 is just a stupid comparison.

Army_of_Darkness1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Just like resistance burning skies.... uuuh huh...

Vitalogy1983d ago

And I thought that for a good listener half word was enough...

@profgerbik What I meant to say, and if you read closely that last paragraph, was that in comparison with wipeout 2048 the cod game is like a ps1 game, and wipeout 2048 is also a game made for the vita. I wasn't comparing it to a ps1 game but to a ps vita game (wipeout 2048).

@Cam977 Have they really!? You are saying that bases on what, a low res picture that someone posted and came out as news in n4g? That image shows nothing improved to be honest.

So keep on disagreeing with facts. I wish the game was good as I own a Vita and I'm lacking good games for it, games like wipeout I say with great visuals and gameplay.

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sinncross1983d ago

I know many people are concerned about the online MP number count.

Personally while I think it is small, I do believe that it is probably for the best for now. I mean, imagine having 8v8 but the game does not sell well enough for large number of games to happen at that player count?

However, I do think they could counter this with co-op options, which si what I think they should be looking into.

I personally do not think that this COD is looking to be overly amazing, but I can understand why they may have taken certain liberties. I will definitely pick this up some time (I only game on my PSV when going to and from work) so I do hope that it ends up being a fun game.

profgerbik1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

People will buy it and there will be people playing online.

People still play Resistance Burning Skies online.. I am certain people would want to be playing this on their Vita's rather than Resistance.

Especially since Nihilistic has been getting slammed constantly, just maybe they are paying attention to every ones concerns.. I don't know.

Personally for me CoD has not lived up to it's name in years. So seeing this is not shocking, if anything it reminds me of older CoD's.

This seriously cannot be worse than Resitance multiplayer so with that in mind there should be people online and playing it.

FragGen1982d ago

I'm going to buy it. I love FPSs and how many twin stick on the go FPSs do I have to choose from? If it sells well, maybe a competing franchise like MOH or BF will get some funding and they'll contract it out to a more accomplished dev. I'm hoping these guys do as good a job as they can and make it fun to play.

Anyway, this'll just have to tide me over for portable FPS action until the KZ title comes out. <shrug> If you haters want to name another, better, FPS I should pick up for my Vita instead of this, I'm all ears.

Yodagamer1983d ago

They can talk it up all they want, i'd recommend waiting for the reviews on this one.

profgerbik1983d ago

Exactly what I plan to do.

GraveLord1983d ago

Relying on reviews to decided whether or not to buy a game? No offense, but that is the worst thing you could do. Do you know that most publishers pay off websites to give good reviews?

What you should do is wait for a demo, or just watch some gameplay videos on Youtube. Make up your own mind. Don't let others decide it for you.

Yodagamer1983d ago

Well i do that too, i usually watch a bunch of youtube review/ gameplays/ and online reviews before i buy a game, i absolutely hate buying a game not knowing if it will be good or not.

rpd1231983d ago

Yeah, best to know what you're getting into. I prefer demos, they let you know right away if you'd like the full game.

tiffac0081983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Demos would be best bro. That way you can judge by yourself and not get swayed by other peoples "opinions", which is what reviews are.

As for the article, I have Resistance: Burning Skies and although I enjoyed it, the game needed a lot of polish (and I mean a lot) and with the development time they are putting into COD: Declassified. I'm worried about the quality of the game.

Nihilistic may not be one of the top devs out there but I always believe that even a mid-tier dev team can do a lot to develop a game with time on their hands. So I am a bit skeptical but hopeful they can pull it off.

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WhatchaTalkinBout1983d ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is currently scheduled for a Vita-exclusive release date of November 13—the same day that Black Ops 2 releases...

Not so sure this would be a wise day to release this game.What are the fans of this series gonna buy first the ps3 and xbox version or the vita....i think the vita version will be lost in the shuffle....

forestfrog1983d ago

Hey, its the best portable ever, and this is the best portable cod ever!

rpd1231983d ago

I think it will be. The fact that it has two joysticks is enough to make it better than the PSP and DS CoD games.

Cam9771983d ago

In regards to the PSP COD game, you get it free with COD:BO:D; also, because it is played on Vita you can use both thumbsticks.

rpd1231983d ago

@ Cam977

I had no idea you get it free with Declassified that's pretty cool. I really liked it on PSP, it'll be even better with both thumbsticks.

CaptCalvin1983d ago

A shame that "the best" has to be this.

Kingthrash3601983d ago

Agreed. 2 points for that comment

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