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'Street Fighter X Tekken' will let you use the Vita as a controller for the PS3 version

When Street Fighter X Tekken comes to the Vita later this month it will bring with a neat new way to play the game on the Playstation 3.

Cross-Link, announced during Capcom's New York Comic Con panel this week, allows owners of both the PS3 and Vita version of the game to use the PS Vita as a controller while playing the game on the PS3.

When playing with the Vita as a controller, gamers can use the touchscreen and rear touch panel to play the game. That means swiping to pull off some moves and specials.

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Community1924d ago
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GribbleGrunger1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

It's good to see that there are now some 3rd party games that are following Sony's directive. Whether or not the Vita/PS3 combo will work as well as the Wiiu is uncertain, but emulating 'some' of it's abilities can only help cement relations with PS3 and Vita owners.

People seem to want to concentrate on the sales war this Christmas, choosing to focus entirely on the idea of direct competition between the Wiiu and the PS3/Vita combo, but in my opinion it's not really about that. Sony aren't pushing this to compete with the Wiiu, they are pushing this to offer devs a broader market for those that may like the Wiiu experience... That may sound like a contradiction in terms but it's not because it's about 'holding' rather than 'gathering'.

Sony are doing this for one reason: to hold onto their already established userbase. The combo 'may' help sell a few more PS3s and Vitas, but it won't compete as such with the Wiiu, which will sell very well this Christmas. This is just to muddy the water so to speak and make it harder for current PS3 owners to justify investing in another console. Microsoft have exactly the same strategy with smartglass.

Thepcz1924d ago

nobody ps3 user will go out and buy a vita just for the option to use it as a controller. likewise, no vita owner will buy a ps3 for the same 'luxury.'

its just an option put there for those able to use it. it wont sell hardware.

ps3+vita doesn't = wiiu.

Yi-Long1924d ago

... cause you could use the Vita for the same functions as a WiiU controller, yet bat the same time you can also bring it outside and just use it as the handheld it is.

XabiDaChosenOne1924d ago

You have any statistics to back up that claim or are you just blocking you don't like to hear?

InsaneChronos1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

>> its just an option put there for those able to use it. it wont sell hardware <<
So? This logic applies to the Wii U. It is just a feature, not a hardware selling point.

GribbleGrunger1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I went to great pains to point out that the Vita/PS3 combo doesn't equal Wiiu in my opening paragraph, so I see no point in you writing: 'PS3+Vita doesn't equal Wiiu'. It does however offer a 'similar' experience to PS3 and Vita owners which will curb the amount of PS3/Vita owners that migrate over to the Wiiu. After all, that is the ONLY reason you would buy a Wiiu this Christmas instead of a 360 or a PS3. There are exclusives, yes, but not enough to persuade many 360/PS3 owners to part with £300. There may be in the future of course.

The multiplats don't represent a serious threat to 360 or PS3 owners because most of them are older games that have been bought already, and people are not going to spend £300 just to get some extra content. What if Sony make some of those games available for free via PS+ this Christmas?

The question of whether the PS3/Vita combo can go beyond 'similar' is a different conversation and one that will be answered over time. Don't discount it though, you may end up with a very large egg on your face. You can't even discount that is could possible go beyond 'similar' and enter the realms of 'better'... you never know.

kopicha1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

if one have read what Sony have mentioned before. cross controller feature is not meant to make people go out get a Vita solely for this function. it is just an option but never a compulsory thing to begin with. on the other hand, it is also another way to show PS3 does have the capability to do similar thing of what Wii U does but in a different way and different approach. another reason why Sony made this is also because they realize most Vita owners are current PS3 owners which make sense for them to add on this feature for those who already own both.

This PS3+ Vita vs Wii U thing is getting irritating. It is clear that both have different approach on what they trying to achieve and people always think they are same when they are actually very different!

MaxXAttaxX1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

But that's beside the point.

It is a tired argument to say that you need to buy two separate devices to downplay the fact that Cross-Control/Play with the Vita and PS3 does have much of the Wii U's functionality.... well, in a very similar manner, despite their approach being different. The PS Vita is not just a controller with a touchscreen. It is an entire multimedia gaming system on its own. Unlike the Wii U Gamepad, it does not need to be anywhere near a PS3 to play games. And unlike the Wii U, this feature is not the PS3's or Vita's only selling point/gimmick.
So that argument is invalid.

It is as silly as someone saying that nobody is going to buy a $350 system just to play the same current gen third party games playable on their current systems just play it with a controller with a screen.

Fanboys, biased haters or whoever you people are, you need to get over it.

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ChronoJoe1924d ago

Problem is it shouldn't be down to third parties to enable this kind of support. Sony could easily implement some features onto the Vita universally for the PS3.

For instance there's no reason not to allow the Vita to be used as a controller for any game. The games shouldn't need patching the PS3 itself can detect it as a licensed controller.

PS3 + Vita would totally = Wii U if the support was there. All the hardware is functionally capable but if Sony aren't going to bring this support immediately, then it's useless.

It looks like they'll be late out the gate again anyway, at best they're not going to have this out before the Wii U is launched, therefore no one is going to be interested.

Tetsujin1924d ago

It's a step in the right direction for Vita/PS3 usage. Even if it fails it's still nice to see someone willing to test the waters; if it passes I can see sport games (mainly Madden and other football games) using the touchscreen to call plays.

seamonkey4201924d ago

i just hope we see more PS3/Vita combo deals on games. Sony first party games have been pretty good about including a PS3 /Vita copy when you buy one or the other and you have both.

IE Soundshapes givse you both, Hustle Kings also did this too. Imo, if we saw more of this happening w/the bigger releases and they advertised it as a "For $60, you can now get both the PS3 and Vita version, vs buying a multiplatform game on the 360 and one copy". i hope we see more cloud syncing abilities and game save syncing on the vita soon. i love that on my PS3 w/PSN Plus.

i'm wondering if we'll see some first party publishers use the touchscreen on the vita to add some mini-game type features when you use it to control a PS3 game (ie Wii U like). however, people forget that Sony's been trying to do remote control integration between their handheld and the PS3 since the 2nd year of the PS3 launch.

Thepcz1924d ago

sony need to get their own business strategy instead of copying nintendos.

how can the ps3+vita be more than a wiiu? its either a wiiu or its not a wiiu. ps3+vita is not a wiiu, rather a imitation.

you all sit there discussing how the ps3+vita can mimic the wiiu like you have all lost your minds and integrity. just as sony clearly has.

just stop it, its embarrassing.

killerhog1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Remote play was started by Sony via psp and ps3 buddy. Don't get it twisted with being able to connect gbs to GameCube etc. as that's not remoteplay and was done before Nintendo.

Remoteplay is using your handheld as a controller for games not necessarily for that handheld, as the handheld at times displays images/video pertaining to said game through its screen. I believe you can also control your console via the handheld.

None of the above has ever been done with a Nintendo handheld or consoles except the wiiU, which is after Sony did remoteplay.

InsaneChronos1924d ago

>> instead of copying nintendos <<
Dual-screen gameplay is not a Nintendo invention. Just stop putting Nintendo everywhere, it's embarrassing.

kopicha1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

stop being retarded. being able to remotely control the the console via a handheld has been there for YEARS in Sony platform even way before Wii U's existence. It is just that now Vita being a more powerful device than PSP, it is able to do more. It has also been ages since PSP able to play stuff off PS3 directly via Remote Play (on supported games). so what dumb integrity are you talking about here?

also in the first place, PS3 + Vita has never meant to be equal to Wii U. Sony even explained it themselves before that it is not meant to deliver what Wii U trying to achieve. Rather they have their own approach on things they trying to deliver. so why are you being so butt hurt about?

and when people saying PS3 + Vita is more than Wii U is not exactly an insult to Wii U. But just stating a fact. It is not trying to down play Wii U as a platform because Wii U by itself is definitely much powerful than both PS3 or 360 when comparing console to console. But we are talking about 2 separate consoles here. PS3 being one and Vita being another one. While Wii U is one by itself. So PS3 works by itself without Vita, and Vita works by itself without PS3 either. But Wii U Gamepad does not work without Wii U. How about taking the Gamepad and play it on a train? That is not going to happen at least for what that is coming at launch this Nov.

andrewsqual1924d ago

Yeah Nintendo and there buy once, get on multiple platforms policy. Everybody should stop copying them...............wait.
Shame the last game released on 3ds of note was RE Revelations in Jan and that played like shit on the one analogue. Over a year later they release the next game of note, Luigis's Mansion 2. I so want one.

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Reborn1924d ago

It's too hard to just be happy that games are allowing more options regarding the PS Vita and PS3 usage?

It's a welcomed move by those who own both, I would assume. It could also encourage others to grab a vita.

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