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Warren Spector says the future of games is console and smartphone connectivity

Disney Interactive Media Group CEO John Pleasants has been vocal about the company's move away from core games. With that in mind, we asked Warren Spector, founder of Junction Point and creator of the Epic Mickey series, if Pleasants has done anything to boost the developer's confidence as a maker of core games. (Industry, Mobile, Next-Gen, Warren Spector)

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ForRealz17  +   894d ago
Oh really? Looks like Sony is ahead of the game then.
EmperorDalek  +   894d ago
And how exactly do you reckon that?
Blankman85  +   894d ago
Except SmartGlass is on xbox 360, not PS3
DeadlyFire  +   894d ago
umm... Cloud + PS3 games = PS3 on your phone. Good thing about Cloud streaming is that it means the same for PS4 games as well even as they don't exist yet.

Microsoft has signed on with Agawi Cloud tech. I think part of Microsoft's deal with Agawi is focused to bring games to Windows 8 ARM edition as it is an unknown element without full PC gaming support just yet coming in 2013. As NVIDIA launches high end ARM CPUs for the desktop market. I wouldn't doubt they would use it for Xbox games as well though. Xbox 720 games on my PC, phone, or elsewhere as I am on the go? Sounds like a great deal if you buy one game and take it wherever.

I think that is why Sony and Microsoft and even Nintendo have plans for this. As the number of platforms grow they see that their games need to live across multiple platforms.

Nintendo is open to signing on with OnLive, OTOY, or other Cloud tech as well so it could be on their agenda too. As one of their main focuses with WiiU was talk of Cell phone integration at some point in the future with Nintendo Network.
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