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Halo 4 leak not surprising to 343 Industries, says to be careful of spoilers

Spoiler-heavy video of Halo 4 have hit the internet after a leak on Thursday. 343 Industries' franchise director addressed the leaks of the Xbox 360 exclusive at Comic-Con on Friday saying that Microsoft is doing what it can to track down while Spartan Ops designer David Ellis is warning fans to avoid spoilers.

The Halo 4 leak apparently came from a production facility where the disks for the game were produced. Torrents of the game have exploded on file-sharing sites since then as well as videos on YouTube and other sites.

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ChunkyLover531801d ago

Way ahead of them! I've completely stopped using social media and I've blocked off comments in places like this. I'll get to enjoy the 2012 GOTY the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Shadonic1801d ago

I already got cought man watch out for the user DIDACT his profile picture and the picture he posts is a spoiler.

telekineticmantis1801d ago

every year, it's called a commercial, you can advertise the game that way also, and not risk ruining the game in the process.

Summons751801d ago

what dose a commercial have to do with people illegally obtaining a copy of the game, posting it on torrent sites and making videos of the entire game or even parts of the game have to do with them making a commercial? Unless your suggesting that a game leak is a conspiracy to advertise the game your comment dosen't make any sense.

telekineticmantis1801d ago

do this every year, do be foolish. It stirs controversy, created more buzz on the internet, but ruins the game for those that can't hold out for the games release.

Summons751801d ago

Yeah....and the Government worked with aliens to plot 9/11 so they can go to war /s

You conspiracy nuts make me laugh so hard

Knight_Crawler1801d ago

I though the same thing because this actually benefits MS so they can ban more modded consoles.

The Halo 4 leak and Blck Ops 2 leak will make sure that MS bans alot of console and Live accounts...MS will have a happy 4th quarter NPD.

PirateThom1801d ago

Please don't spoil this for anyone who is looking forward to it. It's annoying and petty.

BigStef711801d ago

Don't go on kotaku and read their story about avoiding Halo 4 spoilers because a bunch of pricks are spoiling the ending of the game in the comment sections

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