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British Gaming Isn’t as Expensive as you Think

MasonicGamer.com: People always complain about the price of gaming. This has been the case for years, but it’s especially true when you compare the price of consoles in the US to those in the UK. Having lived in both countries, I can attest to the fact that American gamers look at British pricing and shake their heads; sad that their english-speaking brethren pay so much for their favorite hobby.

Is this really the case, though? Sure, it’s simple to do a quick conversion and translate British pounds into American dollars, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. When considering cost, there are so many other factors to consider: wages, cost of living, taxes, and cost of transportation, to name just a few. I’d like to spend a few minutes pointing out a major fallacy in the so-called price of British gaming argument. (PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

knifefight  +   737d ago
Exactly. The cost of anything is relative.
bumnut  +   737d ago
Sorry I don't agree, we are one of the heaviest taxed countries in the world. We get screwed on everything.
digger18  +   736d ago
Complete BS. UK is quite far down the list of heaviest taxed countries.


UK is one of the lowest in Europe
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Zichu  +   736d ago
If you look around, you will most likely find stuff that is quite cheap. They gave an example of Dishonored being £45 and it's not even that.

I paid about £38 for my copy on ShopTo. You can look now and that's how much it is.

I'm no expert on taxes, hell I don't earn enough to pay taxes, but if you earn under around £8000 you don't pay income tax, so you get the full £6.19 an hour for someone above 21 on minimum wage.

I looked at the US income tax and you pay tax if you earn up to $8700, it's only 10%, but that's still $870 a year. It increases as you earn more.

I used to think that we had it bad, but when you look around, you find stuff quite cheap. Go on ShopTo or Play.com and a lot of the stuff on there is cheap.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   736d ago
I think even us brits don't get this sometimes. I am pretty happy to be gaming here in the UK, although sometimes we do get the short end, but as mentioned before, it's all relative.
GTRrocker666  +   736d ago
Kick the royal family out of your country. They are leeches.
RachelMoore22   737d ago | Spam
TheLyonKing  +   737d ago
If you don't have the money shop around, you will always find a good deal.
sjaakiejj  +   736d ago
Problem is that you're using minimum wage - average wage is a better figure to use.

US: $41,673.83
UK: £25,543.00

That's a 60% difference. On top of that, hardware and games are cheaper in the US.

Of course, you have additional living expenses, but the argument regarding salary doesn't hold.
digger18  +   736d ago
Top games are around $60 in the US and £40 in the UK, plus the UK pound is worth more than the US dollar. So we get better value in the UK.

1 British pound sterling = 1.6074 US dollars

£25,543.00 would equal $41,057.81, so we on about the same average wage.
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sjaakiejj  +   736d ago
Hardware on the other hand is a different story - 300 compared to 350, it's a significantly higher price in the U.K.

The article attempted to claim that we're on a higher wage in the U.K., but that isn't really true - which is the main point I was making :)
pinwheelherman  +   736d ago
To be fair, there are so many factors that could be included, which is why this article only uses one example, simply to illustrate a point. It would be near-impossible to factor in everything, but to counter the argument about Americans having a higher average wage, this doesn't factor in the massive cut that health insurance takes, which is free in the UK. Okay, I know that the NHS is paid for by taxes, but it's no where near as pricey as health plans in the US.

There are so many other things that could also be included in the calculation, so I doubt we'll ever get a true conversion.
Bell Boy  +   736d ago
Good article..

I am Brit now living in US and the cost of things between the 2 is indeed relative..

Once you get beyond the experience most people will have of comparing prices on a 2 week holiday and start having to pay for things daily in US things even out quite a lot.

The comparison of average wages above is also flawed..for example
In UK the average is indeed lower but there a no additional healthcare insurance cost...this are pretty substantial in the US
Gamerita  +   736d ago
those brits who live in the US now do you find the country more dangerous to live in due to much higher crime rate then in the UK ??? or does it just seems the same but with improved weather? lol
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stuntman_mike  +   736d ago
there's good deals to be had on games, shop around.

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