Hilarious song mocks Resident Evil 6's quick-time events

Bitmob writes: "You hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks!" So proclaims this clever song, humorously mocking Resident Evil 6's reliance on dated quick-time events. I mean, you know a game's controls are frustrating when they inspire an entire musical number.

As someone who loved Resident Evil 4 (and tolerated Resident Evil 5), I'm a bit sad to see the franchise basically become a joke. Still, at least it's a funny one. Now let's all laugh at the funny video after the jump!

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Bowzabub2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

LoL. Nice rap! They dawged RE6!

Wizziokid2049d ago

Hammer the buttons and Wiggle the sticks!!!

adam_gamesfiends2048d ago

Love it, I'm going to be humming that tune all day.

Knight_Crawler2048d ago

Love it too! This is going to be my new theme song when ever I am watching porn.

iChii2048d ago

LOL. icwhatudidthere.

ritsuka6662048d ago

Resident Evil 6= Joke of "game" -___-

LackTrue4K2048d ago

how many QTE are there per hour??? are there more then 3?! ever time i see a video about RE6. there is always some in there :/

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The story is too old to be commented.