How The Legend of Zelda Should Improve Its Story

ZD writes: Zelda is a quest by definition. It features a hero or protagonist working at a goal. The intent may be of various nobility. There is an antagonist, many obstacles obstructing the path to the goal, and in nearly every game thus far, there has been an underlying theme of maturity and coming of age. Self-knowledge is gained as the character progresses through the storyline and upon completing the quest, he/she will typically experience an epiphany regardless of whether or not the protagonist’s intents come to fruition. So The Legend of Zelda fits smugly in the elementary mold but doesn’t do anything extraordinary to set itself apart from other hackneyed “save the kingdom” scenarios.

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Tetsujin1891d ago

I know there's some sites (outside Wikipedia) dedicated to some chronological order of the stories and even post some side stories/spin offs in between the series of games. I'd vote to at least have more side stories and "what if" situations to help tell the story of who we are playing as.

I'd also vote to reboot the entire Zelda series with current gen technology from the first one on NES as one big, giant adventure; like they did with Mortal Kombat, and have it end with a conclusion however have a "to be continued" approach.

Knight_Crawler1891d ago

You do realize that almost every Zelda game is a reboot right? The games always starts the story over as young Link goes to the princess aid.

No one really plays Zelda for the story but for the gameplay, universe and interesting characters and worlds - this is what makes Zelda so good and adding a continues story will just make the franchise feel milked and kill it.

The one thing I do not get is why hasn't anyone try to copy the Zelda formula? I would love a Zelda clone on PC,360 or PS3 that takes advantage of the power and makes the universe bigger and more stunning but keep the game play elements that is Zelda.

The only game that came close to competing with Zelda was Kameo from Rare but MS just threw it away...Kameo had so much potential if giving the chance.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1891d ago

Skyward Sword was near perfect to me. Personally, I wouldn't mind a direct-sequel to SS.

If the next Zelda game is as charming as SS I would be VERY pleased.

That being said, I would be interested to see what they could do with Zelda if they took a "Mass Effect" or "Skyrim" approach- just because I know that Nintendo would/could add something new to the styles.

I would also love to see a Nintendo crafted> Zelda MMO and/or a Zelda RTS game.