Lair 2.0 on the Way?

Although Factor 5's 3D action flying game Lair has been available for months, players who could never come to grip with the Sixaxis controls may have a more traditional solution waiting in the wing. Recently, F5 president Julian Eggebrecht chatted with IGN about Lair's mixed reception at the marketplace and hinted at a future enhancement to the game.

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TheHater3692d ago

Let hope this is true, so now people can't complain about the sixaxis control.

sonarus3692d ago

well i had lair for about a week but sold it back to eb while i could still get some dollars from it. I thought the problems with the game werent jst with the controls because i could have fought my way thru those controls. I jst wanted a game a bit more story driven and not so mission based i really hate games like that. Made the game really repetitive so there i am struggling with 6 axis playing a repetitive game and the target system was crap. The lighting engine was a little overdone in my opinion graphics were great but the lighting was too much in some scenes. In the future to make lair a better game allow the dude to get off that dragon and duke it out with some of the foot soldiers. I could totally play God of war with 6 axis controls cus i knw the rest of the gameplay would be worth getting thru crappy 6 axis jst couldnt say the same for lair

MADGameR3692d ago

the controls sucked on the first game. Lets hope they learned from their mistakes! ^_^

Silverwolf3691d ago

How he claims they didn't know gamers would not like the controls. When every preview I read on the game, people just b!tched about the controls to begin with. Maybe if they would have listened and added the analog sticks as an option the game would have done a lot better.

jamesrocks31473692d ago

it really does need it

gr8 game but its reveiws was crap just because of sixaxis only its diffcult like warhawk who uses the sixaxis online? u cant aim kick enough

games like super rub a dub and little big plant and home make some good uses of sixaxis like the waving hand on home and slap on LBP rather funny

Kleptic3692d ago

dude I totally disagree...I thought the only thing remotely fun about the game was the sixaxis...the controls seemed fine for me, and had I had the option...still would have used them over just the sticks most likely...

what sucked about Lair was every single other thing in the game...the bosses, while pretty, where boring as shat to fight...the 'dogfighting' was unbelievably bad, with there being no real way to even see what the hell you were doing to other would simply highlight them more or less, and spam fire at them...

the voice acting was nearly as bad as Resident Evil...thats Resident Evil in "Jill...Jill...I am going to kick...THIS...door down" was impossibly bad for a modern game...the level design was equally bad...with unclear objectives, random cutscenes for no apparent reason, and overall less exploring than a game of this scale would leave you to believe...

its a terrible has been since day 1...the controls recieved a brunt of the criticism though...which suprised me...some act as if this game would be great if you could use the controls way was a total stinker overall...

mistertwoturbo3692d ago

I think the general consensus of Lair on people is because most people read a bad review, and in turn it becomes they're opinion. So they spout off as if it's truth or fact.

It's not that terrible a game. It is rather a "Average" game at best. The production values are there. The soundtrack, the graphics looks great most of the time, and the sheer number of things going on at once actually makes good use of the SPU's for handling AI. It's just the controls are controversial, story has plot holes, and some cutscenes seems unpolished. It's a good 6/10.

A terrible game would be Conflict Denied Ops or Blacksite Area 51. Terrible production values, terrible graphics, terrible sound effects, terrible gameplay. Nothing good about it, easy 3/10's.

Kleptic3692d ago

yeah I should have mentioned the game does look good...and the score is excellent, by far the best part of the game imo...

I would give it a 5/10 i guess...and would barely recommend renting it, unless you are not expecting much...

but I rented and played the game before I 'read' any reviews...I saw some scores here and there, and rented it the first few days it became available...and I agreed with the review scores for the most part, just didn't agree with why it recieved said scores...

I simply didn't like the game...I thought it was cheesy most of the time...the objectives for each level were not planned out very well...and it just wan't fun for all...if the game isn't fun, it kind of falls out of being a form of 'entertainment'...but be assured my opinion was based on playing through as much as I could, which ended up being most of the game...the end of which I saw on youtube a few weeks later...I didn't base anything I said from a review...that is more lame than the game itself...

Frances-the-Mute3692d ago

they should have had that option from the start

JewyMcJew3692d ago

As soon as the complaints starting coming in, F5 should have been working on the patch.

Waiting this long to give user's analogue control is just bad for business.

Doctor Strange3692d ago

Add analog, fix some targeting issues, touch up the motion controls so they are a bit more responsive (180 turn) and re-release for $25-30 and I would buy it again, I like the story and the soundtrack.

It was decent game, with enough small fixes it could do pretty well with the masses this time.

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