Naruto Storm 3 – March 2013 Release, Goku Costume DLC Confirmed

At the New York Comic Con, CyberConnect2 confirms the release date and Dragon Ball Z DLC for Naruto's newest outing.

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tayz2019d ago


Naruto dressed as Goku!!! I would have never expcted this!!! omg if OP and Bleach costumes are confirmed too I will completly wet my pants! not that they arent already!!

Snookies122019d ago

Yeah dude, this is freaking amazing! I'd love to see a Bleach Shinigami outfit for Sasuke or something to counter Naruto's Goku. XD

Outside_ofthe_Box2019d ago

lol He's super saiyan by default.

tayz2019d ago

lol thats so true!! his hair is yellow and eyes are blue! it would be funny if the awakening turns naruto's hair black like menma from road to ninja! wow that would be crazy!

raWfodog2018d ago

@ tayz

Naruto's eyes are blue but a super saiyan's eyes are green

CaptainSheep2019d ago

Haha, agreed! This is awesome!
And I would love to see Naruto in an Ichigo costume. O_O

tayz2019d ago

Ya. they should add Ichigo, Luffy, and everybody Saiyan Island had in that one list from a few weeks ago. Plus give Sasuke Vegeta, Zoro, etc clothes. It would only be the right thing to do!

WeskerChildReborned2019d ago

Awesome, would be cool if in his costume he did a Rasen kamahamaha and a tailed beast spirit bomb.

tayz2019d ago

OMG, that would be in freaking sane!!

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Saturne32019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

facepalm now naruto will be jerked around for this.

But as a fan of both animes i guess that is kinda cool.