Wii U Demo Stations may start Showing-up Very Soon.

To add wood to a fire, GameStop Wii demo stations are disappearing (my local GameStop's Wii station is nowhere to be found), and will presumably be replaced by Wii U demo stations.

And as suggested and reported by, a massive Nintendo fan-site, via a tip, Best Buy will also soon be moving in demo stations for Wii U within the week, Oct. 17, to be exact. To be clear, it is not confirmed that GameStop is moving in Wii U stations, but there's good reason to speculate that it is the case (with the disappearing of Wii stations), along with this piece of information about Best Buy.

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The_Infected1807d ago

Well at least I can try it out to see if I really like it or not.

Y_51501807d ago

Ok good! I better see a Wii U station around the beginning of November! I want to touch it! O_O

The_Infected1807d ago

Same here hope they have some good demos to play!

HmongAmerican1807d ago

my Best Buy store already have the WiiU station ready just that it said coming soon.

Haha1231807d ago

Be nice to test one out before I buy it

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The story is too old to be commented.