DmC Devil May Cry footage

Take a look at some new footage of DmC Devil May Cry.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2051d ago

Is it still running at 30 FPS? It looks a LOT smoother than 30 FPS.

VsAssassin2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I must admit that the game is shaping up to be a great title; probably not the DMC we came to love. However, that said. I still won't be picking this game up for the sole reason that Ninja Theory has bad-mouthed fans and the original DMC devs alike that my respect for NT has waned.

So yes, the game looks nice, but the devs weren't so in the span of making this game. This, my friends, only proves that humility and kindness go a long way.

princejb1342051d ago

I agree
Games looks good old Dante or not
But I won't be picking up

1) because ninja theory bad mouth heavenly sword which was the best game they produced
2) because they claimed enslaved was a better game than heavenly sword when in fact it wasn't
3) because capcom is publishing this and I don't buy capcom games no more

Kratoscar20082051d ago

They really badmouthed HS? Damm i didnt know that (For me HS was the best PS3 game until GoW3). Altough they maybe were forced to do so (Maybe Cascom) either way i will get the game still as long as there are not shaddy moves like on disc DLC or anything.

I might get it used instead of new, that will depend on the events happening during the release.

Croash2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

There's probably nothing I can do to change your mind but every time I read a comment similar to yours, I feel like it would be wrong to leave without replying.

So I'm sorry for the upcoming link overload! Please, don't murder me :/

Almost every "Ninja Theory" interview, not necessarily hated ones, was all about Tameem Antoniades. Sure, he's important, being the studio's co-founder and Chief Creative, but he's been the only recognized spokesperson of the studio on N4G.

"No money with Heavenly Sword" comment? It's him.

People misunderstanding Enslaved/Uncharted comparison? Guess who was being interviewed!

We would've made Heavenly Sword 2?
"Ninja Theory should STFU" in the comments. (Oh boy, I've just seen one of my comments in there, it's been more than 2 years and I still have the same reaction)

And, hey! Designing a game for fans will kill a series!
People understand : At Ninja Theory, we don't care about fans. Oh, Antoniades, dearest of all my friends!

Every controversial "Ninja Theory" interview became so because of Antoniades' comments. Some of them were really stupid, others were misused in headlines, but what matters in the end is that people have been hating on the entire studio for years because of this one man.

So, yes, DmC has a chance of being a great game. I saw it when they announced it (although I had mixed feelings) and I still see it, but please, don't ignore the game because of TA. Concept Artists have worked on it, 3D Artists, Game Designers, Sound Designers, Programmers, etc... People who've created disturbing environments, who've taken time to build the gameplay according to people's feedback, who've made tons of animations for every single character, and the list obviously goes on.
These are people you've never heard of and they don't have to share Antoniades' feelings about the industry.

"Too Long, Didn't Read" Conclusion :

Antoniades is the reason people hate Ninja Theory. Don't dismiss everyone else's work within this studio. If DmC, when it is released, is a game you like, pick it up!
Unless Capcom decides to lock 70% of the disc's content...

VsAssassin2051d ago

Thank you, sir. But looking back at my post, I was really thinking about TA when I was posting it. I get what you mean in that one man's mistake is not the group's mistake; however, this doesn't take away the fact that NT and Capcom chose him to be both companies' spokeperson when it comes to DmC. Did they coach him on what to say to the gaming media? Who knows? All I know is when everything was said and done, NT and Capcom kept on ignoring the fans' outcry.

Had there been damage control after every 'boo boo' comment from TA, the hardcore DMC fans' anger would've leveled a bit.

timeon111111111112051d ago

Antoniades is reason why people hate Ninja theory, and anyone working for that guy should look for a new job. IF they don´t they will fall under Ninja theory because Antoniades is cofounder of Ninja theory.

Therefor by working you represent Ninja theory which was cofounded by Tameem Antoniades.

If you want your work to be appreciate - leave the company and go work for other companies.

ThanatosDMC2051d ago

I still remember the old pics of emo dante and this guy... they look alike.

ritsuka6662051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

It looks slow as hell and the "boss" looks generic and much easy compared the old Devil may cry .Let's hope the next Devil May Cry game is Devil May Cry 5 when crapcom realise that this isn't going to end well. Sorry but that video was painful to watch..

timeon111111111112051d ago

Have in mind Capcom and their developers from DMC have helped Ninja theory alot on the gameplay.

Everytime the collaboration (Capcom and Ninja theory) on the gameplay aspect of DmC is mentioned by Alex Jones or someone else, it´s described as "very close", "intense", etc.

And the DMC gameplay formula/standard was established with DMC 3. And DMC gameplay concepts and ideas (Devil trigger, Stinger, Million Stab etc) was invented by the 1-4 DMC developers.

Ninja theory is SIMPLY producing the gameplay of DMC serie with 30 fps on Unreal Engine with LOTS OF HELP from Capcom developers.

The only new things the game has is NEW SKINS, NEW REbOOTED story (mix of V for Vendetta, They Live and DMC story), and SOME ideas from Ninja theory themself which doesn´t make up for what makes DMC gameplay great.

Ninja theory´s contribution on gameplay:
- Platform
- "The world will kill you"
- Some new ideas (attacks or moves)

Overall they haven´t done much to deserve full credit for DmC. If anyone deserves credit for success of DmC it´s Capcom because they are the one who have ensured the gameplay has become what it is now.

Ninja theory = graphical overrated developers. Their moto "Elavate video games so that it can compete with movies and literature".

Right...Video games is first and foremost interaction medium and second story medium.

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ShaunCameron2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

The saddest thing of it all is DmC could end up turning out better than RE6 and its critics still won't give Capcom any credit. Or even Ninja Theory for that matter. Reboot or not, this is shaping up to be their best effort to date.

On a sidenote, I noticed that the XBox 360 was the lead platform for the game.

timeon111111111112051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Oh it´s sad for a game made by Tameem Antoniades´s company who said Dante is no longer cool and outdated because of year he was created (2001). Even though his company´s version of Dante was inspired by Punk movement (a movement that started in 1970s in UK).

He says that Dante would get laughed out in a bar in Tokyo. Which is really ironic because the more we see of this rebooted shitty character his company has made - the more they are making him look like Dante.

Same guy also said that fans would lead to creative banktruptcy and that you should make a game that you yourself (the developers) would want to play. Him clearly describing a scenario that is appropriate for developers when they are making a NEW GAME. DmC reboot is not a new game, it´s reboot of a established SERIE.

Yes, it´s really sad that us critics don´t give this game a chance after the honesty and humility from Ninja theory.

P.S All preview sites are dick riding DmC reboot. Some of them start their preview with "i never was a big fan of DMC but DmC...".

Unztayble2051d ago

Bunch of ads through the video. didn't finish it. game looks great.

nevin12051d ago

One of things about DMC Series is that I find the enemies to be generic.

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