Wii U demo stations hitting Best Buy on Oct. 17th

"Oh boy, gang. Things are getting REAL interesting! Reader/Best Buy employee Tradint sent in some details on the Wii U demo stations hitting the retailer nationwide.", writes GoNintendo.

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Benjamminkno1888d ago

Well then, I suspect anti-Nintendo gamers to at least "claim" that they tried it and didn't like it. At least they won't have to sell the console at a loss. Who knows, maybe it'll make a big splash.

Burning_Finger1888d ago

I dunno what kind of cave have you've been living, but have you heard anything about Electronic Expo or (E3). Most gamers enthusiast have tried played the demo there at least once.

Axecution1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Yeah they have WiiU demos at pretty much every convention.
Even Fan Expo in Toronto let me play ZombieU >.>

That being said its not like every gamer enthusiast... or even "most" like you said, go to conventions on a regular basis or at all. So your argument is pretty invalid. Most gaming enthusiasts haven't tried the WiiU yet

BadboyCivic1888d ago

Man, I need something new this holiday...I prefer to have all systems. All I need now is a beast gaming computer and I'll be OK.