Is Anyone Else Worried About the Proposed Battlefield: Bad Company TV Series?

Arcee "You know, I have tried to wrap my head around the fact that FOX is developing a series based on the Battlefield: Bad Company video games series. I look at the track record that FOX has had lately and I am being honest when I say that I am definitely worried about this one. I can totally see FOX completely screwing this franchise up and ruining another great and original property. It doesn’t help that Happy Madison is one of the creative partners for the show as well."

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Snookies122018d ago

What's wrong with Happy Madison? I loved a lot of their Adam Sandler movies.

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Hellsvacancy2018d ago

Hopefully itll = Bad Company 3

Summons752018d ago

seeing it's FOX doing this there is one of two possibilities.

1) It will come out really terrible because Fox has absolutely no concept of what a video game is and thinks that they are pure evil from Satan himself, so they will purposely make it bad and a message about why video games are bad.
2) It will be shockingly amazing then get canceled after 1 season because that's what Fox dose to really good shows and they keep terrible shows.

Tyre2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@Summons 75 Untrue, look at Fringe at season 5 now and was bound to be cancelled after 1st season, but FOX didn't do it because they've learned something from Firefly and it's cult following. FOX has changed. I have high hopes for this serie could be real funny.

Summons752018d ago

yeah but season 5 isn't a full season because they decided to cancel it after the half season

Dms20122017d ago

That has to be one of the most ignorant comments I have read in awhile, Fox NEWS has 0 to do with their tv shows, which I am guessing is your reasoning.

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