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Pach-Attack - Free-to-Play & VR Future

"Is there a free-to-play bubble forming? Plus, is VR gaming the future?" writes GameTrailers. (3DS, Android, Dev, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Michael Pachter, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Godmars290  +   993d ago
Why do people listen to this guy?
young7yang  +   993d ago
you should ask your self that!
ame22  +   993d ago
What a jackass this guy is.
young7yang  +   993d ago
hate we may.. but he makes perfect business sense.
Godmars290  +   993d ago
And the problem with the industry is that its too focused on the business rather than creative side.
young7yang  +   993d ago
grow up!

How do you think movies started out..

games for the most part have become a part of society.. the creative side is still there for those that want it.. but from a companies point of view. they have to make a profit or they cant survive.. just look at sega, atari and tecmo.. all these companies are struggling.. while creativity is important, it also boils down to how well a game is marketed. games like Panzer dragoon, Okami, castlevania, xenoblade,mirrors edge and many others all show a large amount of creativity but never make the top of the charts.. us hardcore gamers no longer dominate industry sales.. its everybody else.. thats why games are so easy compared to what they use to be..
Godmars290  +   993d ago
I'm just about done asking why gamers defend much less excuse the failing of this gaming generation when we all they devs have done better. Acting like we should be indebted to it, accept and buy whatever is offered, rather be the entitled consumers that we should be.
G33K  +   993d ago
I actually like this guy.
maruyuki  +   993d ago
What he says makes a lot of sense. No idea why people are angry.

1 ad a day is not a big deal, and it would be a great incentive to make people pay for their games.

Do people think that the money to make and maintain games comes out of thin air?
IaMs12  +   993d ago
ADs on the internet piss me off especially youtube...

The problem with i have with F2P games is that it is actually Pay to Win. Not all are like that but a good amount are.
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profgerbik  +   993d ago
This guy makes sense period. The only thing I really don't agree with him on is Free-to-play needing Ad's.

Although he is right, if they did put ad's in their games, they would make more money period. You can't deny he is right about that.

He is also dead on about the VR oculus rift being the future, it is great idea but it is nothing new. Literally he is completely right about that, all gaming is VR. The only difference in one covers your entire FOV while the other doesn't.

They are still both the same things, the oculus rift is cool and all but all it is a sexier made VR device that people would probably consider using. This type of VR has existed forever now but just was really bulky.

I would know I used to go to arcades all the time and they had VR stations where you could play mech games of FPS. Literally no different than the oculus other than size and it's support from the gaming industry.

The Wii and the Vita can do the same 360 view with their motion sensors in the exact same way the Oculus does. I am just not too interested in the device, not to say I will never buy one but to seriously see myself using the oculus with every game I play would be crazy for me to say.

If anything I feel it will end up more of a novelty then something I would regularly use.
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