[SPOILER] Halo 4 Leaked One Month Before Release - Prologue Cinematic & Legendary Ending Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Remember those gorgeous comments about PC gaming dying, DRM to be the only way to keep games safe, piracy is killing PC and blah blah blah? Well, X360′s upcoming hit, Halo 4, has just been leaked on various torrent sites as we speak, almost a month before release. But wait, there is more. This is not a mere rumored version but a real one, coming from a scene group. In other words, it’s as legit as it can get."

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Snookies122046d ago

Kind of an odd prologue there.

Shadonic2046d ago

Prolouge is beast why do you think its odd?

Snookies122046d ago

I didn't say it was bad, I just said it was a bit odd. Wasn't really expecting that.

Old McGroin2045d ago

@ Snookies

Shadonic didn't say you said it was bad, he asked why you thought it was odd.

yeahokchief2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

It's odd because this is a series that has always been about a generic hero space marine and in this game they are trying to make the story and characters more DEEP by making him more "human" aka more emotional.

I think the problem was that they tied up the ending for the whole story too well with the 2nd game. How many times can you save the world before it gets old?

But whatever. The story isn't the huge selling point with this type of game. The thing I liked most about Halo 1&2 was the enemy AI in the singleplayer. I love how they'd freak out if you hit them with a sticky or how for some enemies you'd have to get them to drop their shields. You'd have to coordinate your different weapons and choose a good combination to have on you at all times to get through each area effectively.

And then you have the mulitplayer. So many hours lost to Halo 1 in college. I was very unhappy with how they nerfed the pistol to hell with 2, but the battle rifle was okay. It felt less competitive and less tense because with the original pistol, if you played no shields with 16 players over LAN it would be 1 shot to the head for a kill and 2 to the body which made for some really freaking crazy and intense matches where you raced to 50 kills or whatever per team.

Too bad M$ couldn't make a system that didn't rrod so much. They should put halo 4 on PC.

A-Glorious-Dawn2045d ago

I thought that was a pretty sweet prologue.
Gotta love the tone, I am suddenly more interested in this Halo than before.

SilentNegotiator2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

So the "leaked" video of the prologue is with real people, like the ads of the last 2? Interesting. And the "ending" gives away absolutely nothing.

Sniff, sniff.....anyone else smell intention? And marketing?

If MS wanted it down, it definitely would have been down in less than 4+ hours. All 360 games get leaked anyway....and this story sure is getting Halo 4 a lot of free publicity.

omi25p2045d ago

Thats CGI not real people.

Zhipp2045d ago

It took me, like, a minute to figure that out. Really, really impressive work.

SJPFTW2045d ago

Snookie have you read the books that provide more of the backstory? I guess that is why you thought it was odd.

neogeo2044d ago

You read Halo books? NERD ALERT!!!!

ShadesMoolah2044d ago

I find it amusing that you would raise the "NERD ALERT!!" over someone reading a book, when playing video games is clearly more, ehem... nerdy.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, as in that case I am certainly a nerd myself then.

killerhog2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )


Playing video games isn't nerdy but geeky and geeky doesn't necessarily mean nerdy. In fact, most gamers do bad in school lol. It's why the media at one point portrayed gamers as slackers/outcasts. Also playing games is no longer a geek thing times have changed. You have adults, kids, woman, core, casual, racist, misogynist , ghetto, rich, poor, nerdy, geeky, preppy, etc. all playing games.

otherZinc2045d ago

Kind of odd? What!

That was the baddest-ass prologue ever!

JC_Denton2045d ago

I'm glad that they might actually be going back to making a compelling single player experience again. Halo 3 and Reach's (especially Reach's) campaign's were souless.

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vortis2046d ago

Why am not surprised DSO was all over this? LOL

I wonder if Microsoft will hit them with a cease and desist?

TOGC2046d ago

They didn't upload the videos, someone else did. The videos will be taken down from YouTube though.

FACTUAL evidence2045d ago


17 hours later from your comment, it's still up...

TOGC2045d ago

This is a different video <,<, both got taken down.


Do some research next time.

SOD_Delta2045d ago ShowReplies(4)
hudsoniscool2045d ago

holly shit, shivvers down my spine.

Zhipp2045d ago

Anyone care to explain why this comment has so many disagrees?

BitbyDeath2045d ago

That's just peoples way of saying they didn't get shivers down their spine not that he didn't.

I'd be happy if they just got rid of the Disagree button altogether, it only causes trouble.

starchild2045d ago

Exactly. You can't be positive about anything relating to the 360.

Personally the PC is my main platform and the PS3 would probably be my next preferred platform, but it annoys me how biased many of the Sony fanboys are.

Halo 4 looks good so far, enough said.

andibandit2044d ago

@starchild, if your next preferred platform had been 360, you'd have more disagrees than agrees.

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GearSkiN2045d ago

I'm really happy 343i is mixin it up putting a havy cgi cut scenes are awesome I'm glad they did this. Some of the scene is so real that it even fooled my gf. Man this game is epic! I watched about the first chapter and wow... is what I can say.

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