Time for Street Fighter to fade away

Capcoms Street Fighter series has been around for a long time, and its age is starting to show more than ever.

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jc485732134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Even I'm a little worried. I understand why Ono would revive Darkstalkers, but where would Street Fighter go from here? New Street Fighter with an entirely new cast?

MaxXAttaxX2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Sprites are the best. Never liked the bulky 3D models of SF4. Although I did not mind the MvC3 models.

Whenever I play BlazBlue, P4A or KoFXIII, I can't help but imagine how cool SF would be like that.

psvitamanfan2134d ago

I think they need to completely change the format of fighters, but to what I dont know...

psvitamanfan2134d ago

Plus- new cast would be awesome, I love street fighter but it is getting samey. people complain with cod being the same, but street fighters been the same for 20 years

-Mika-2134d ago

A casual fighting game fan who has no idea what he talking about.


LOL I can already see your disagrees piling up, even though youre absolutely right.
shame man. you just cant argue with some people.

NegativeCreep4272133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

or as a gaming element, is about.

So STFU! Street Fighter has progressed much further in it's nearly three decade existence than Call of Duty has in it's life.

jetlian2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

lol ryu has gained 5 moves in 25 years COD isnt even half that in age so of course you'd think SF has progressed.

Thats one of my issues with 2d fighters they dont have new moves.No ex and supers dont count. AHH its a color change with extra hits.

SF4 systems are easier than sfa or sf3. COD has gotten more complex with every game. I prefer fighting games to shooters but SF is one of the weakest in 2d. KOF13 is where its at

profgerbik2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Oh god CoD more complex... You clearly never played the first CoD's because CoD has become nothing but a mindless FPS for freaking morons who can't aim for shit and just like to run around spraying like idiots non-stop.

Sprint shoot, sprint shoot, sprint shoot.. Damn the new CoD's are freaking complex indeed.

I mean look at professional CoD players videos and it is a complete joke anyone takes it so seriously or would even pay someone to make a profession out of such an easy FPS.

CoD is watered down trash now. Someone please throw some real FPS that take real skill and have a sense of real complexity at this kid..

CoD used to be a skillful game it really did. I used to host lan parties and play it endlessly.

Now I can't even touch the new CoD's because they are so god damn easy.

Ever since they had to put Auto Aim in all the new ones it made it that much more pathetic also.. on top of the already horrible new gameplay mechanics.

Consoles completely ruined everything that CoD was.. Seriously. Ever since it hit consoles it became total crap, one after the other, the crap just kept dipping in the water.

EeJLP-2133d ago


You need to forget about its garbage multiplayer and pick it up cheap for the campaign, spec ops, and zombies. They're plenty playable without all the crap the MP brings to the table.

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For 25 years, the game has had a character named RYU who throws a fireball with down, forward, punch.

That is the only thing youre basing your statement on.

Knushwood Butt2133d ago

I'm sick of seeing Ryu and Ken.

VTKC2133d ago

They tried a "new cast" before. The transition from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo to Street Fighter 3 New Generation. Most people did not like it at all as the original 8 was not all there. the next 2 sequels-Double Impact, and Third strike. Again they added more new characters but it was the same response from the public. The reception was no where near as big as any of the street fighter "2s"

this generation has revived street fighter with the graphics and all the Technical stuff. but theres only so much you can do in fighting games. Its been going on for along time and they have changed alot of it, making it better. and more techical. Before it only use to be combos. Now there is super bars, revenge bars, focus cancels etc. and tagging but that crossover Tekken didnt seem to do very well.
I can think of that they could do now is adding a guard break bar like in Street fighter alpha 3. or i suppose they could have a burst gauge like in guilty gear, but not the instant death attacks though. I got a funny feeling some elite tourny players out there will probably find a broken glitch to in unescapable death.
or add a new way in combos like in Hokuto No ken where you can smash the opponent on the wall and bounce them back at you to continue combo.
But lol as if street fighter isnt technical enough already.

pompombrum2133d ago

Please could you document how street fighter has been the same for 20 years? There has been so many DIFFERENT versions. Not to mention so many crossovers involving the cast in Capcom vs games. Hell, they even done 3d versions of the game in the past too. Comparing street fighter to cod is pretty dumb. Also new cast? WTF? That's like remaking FF7 and changing half the cast because people are bored of seeing them.

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OneAboveAll2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Not until I get to use tear Ryu's head off with Sub-Zero. Also, I wouldn't visit

Chrome was saying that the site contained content from which is known to distribute malware.

psvitamanfan2134d ago

Mortal Kombat mixed with Street Fighter? Its like mixing wine and water.

also i think its just a wordpress theme, plus i think chromes just over cautios firefox doesnt come up with a warning and ive been on there alot

OneAboveAll2133d ago

Sorry man. Everyone has been waiting for MK vs SF. It's the most requested crossover fighting game of all time.

And yea, that site does have malware. others here in the comments have said it too.

profgerbik2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

I don't like Mortal Kombat anymore at all. That is one game I wish it stayed 2D..

The new ones have such a generic feel to them. If people are complaining about Street Fighter now.. I don't think that would help.

Although I would probably enjoy MK more on Capcom's engine. MK did not use Unreal Engine well at all..

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