New .hack game in development

CyberConnect2 president and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama confirmed the development of a new .hack at Comic-Con in New York.

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deletingthis346753341954d ago

I hope this will turn out well.

CrimsonessCross1954d ago

I'd hope for the same. Although I never played the G.U. series and I only have the first two games before that, they were great (never had the money or thought about picking up others or the rest)

I loved the ones I played and I hope these are just as great. Those were (as it stated) like playing an MMO game in a single-player setting, and it was done so very well.

GenericNameHere1954d ago

So, can we expect a PS3/Vita combo then when he said "both platforms"?

Myst1954d ago

Interesting I hope they will go that route

ronin4life1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Remember: E.X. Trooper from Capcom is an PS3 and 3DS game.
Crazier things have happened...

GenericNameHere1954d ago

Maybe, but every .hack game has been Playstation exclusive (other than the card games). And the new game that came out recently with the Bluray movie was PS3-exclusive. I say there's about 99% it will be PS3/Vita exclusive.

Summons751954d ago

Pleaaaase come to the states!!!!

r211954d ago

Yes! A new .Hack RPG :D Unless they're talking bout that fighting game then color me excited!

1954d ago
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