Free Game From EA's Origin Through an apparently very under-the-radar promotion, one sub-$20 downloadable PC title may be picked up for the low, low price of nothing at all via EA’s Origin distribution service. Simply stroll on into the this-is-definitely-not-Steam Origin store, find something special priced at $19.99 or below, add it to your cart, and punch in promo code OS3874XVC to redeem your free prize! Results are inconsistent, but click away to see the developing list of confirmed free options.

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BattleAxe1923d ago

I still wont use that service.

TheMrFraz1923d ago

Haha, right? I just couldn't resist scoring something for a very rainy day.

da_2pacalypse1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I would literally rather pirate the games than get them for free on that awful Origin client...

PS. I don't pirate video games.

TheRealSpy1923d ago

my last computer had origin. i couldn't stand it so i haven't bothered with it since i built this one. EA apparently doesn't realize that gamers want to minimize the apps it takes to run their games. Steam is all i want. Sure, valve doesn't get any money if EA doesn't provide their games through that service, but EA doesn't get any money now either...cuz i'm not installing origin.

vega2751922d ago

simcity would have been EA's only shot for me to install their dreadful service. but after the broadcast from yesterday and what they are doing to this game. I'm sad to say i won't be buying this game nor will origin ever touch my PC.....EVER... E.V.E.R.

never ever ever ever ever ever

Grap1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

and that's how we pay back to EA some guys in Neogef got all the games on that list by glitch. EA won't be happy.
Edit: it work for all around the globe not just who from USA. I my self not in US and got 3 games on that list.

SAE1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

how ?.. it doesn't work for me downloaded origin and still doesn't work ....

i created usa account too but the same happen -.-

v1c1ous1923d ago

this is all a ruse by EA to get people to sign up for origin

MEsoJD1923d ago

I hear yah. Origin is awful... never again. While I would like to play BF3 it won't kill me.

ElitaStorm1923d ago

desperate times call for desperate measures

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Ashlen1923d ago

Awesome, I got The Sabotuer for free.

TheMrFraz1923d ago

Nice! Happy to hear it's still live! There were rumblings that the code had been invalidated...

Ashlen1923d ago

Yea, I was skeptical, but I figured what the heck it'll only take a few min's to check, and it worked.

Soldierone1923d ago

Be nice if Origin would friggin on things 4 times just so it registers the click.

Intentions1923d ago

Nah your net and comp just sucks ass.

Soldierone1923d ago

Site actually had heavy traffic and was having issues load.

Still got my free game and downloaded it within 5 minutes so wasn't my internet.

Zha1tan1923d ago

nah you're just an EA fan girl

brandonb211923d ago

it works 1 per account so i made 5 got crysis crysis war head sim city bf2 and batman

mafiahajeri1923d ago

You in the US? doesnt seem to work in Europe. Anyway I thought about it its stealing and thats not cool so I dont want to do it, I wouldnt enjoy playing the games if I got them this way. You and your conscious I guess.

murkster-dubez1923d ago

How isit stealing if its a special offer? get a life.

HammadTheBeast1923d ago

This is EA we're talking about. You know, the company voted as worst in America by some people (it isn't really).

Stealing from them would be considered a good deed.

ninjahunter1923d ago

buy game, register CDkey on steam, profit.

Smashbro291923d ago

which games can you do that with?

ninjahunter1923d ago

IDk, I know you can register your steam games on origin. the game i got from origin today isnt on steam so i cant test my theory.

PastyGangster1923d ago

Doesn't work. I tried it with Dragon Age Origins(Which is on steam) And the CD key was invalid.

ninjahunter1923d ago

Shame, I guess thats just one thing origin has on steam.

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The story is too old to be commented.