IGN's Civilization: Revolution hands on + screens

From Steve Butts' preview:

"In all, our time with the game revealed it to be a very different creature from the PC version but still undeniably a part of the Civilization franchise. For this version the developers have decided to strip away everything but the essentials (of which there are many) and then heighten and exaggerate those essential elements to an extreme level. It's not entirely clear yet if console players have an appetite for a turn-based strategy game at this scale but Civilization: Revolution has tremendous potential to enlarge the strategy genre on the consoles."

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Proxy3724d ago

Wonder how the PS3 version is shaping up?

I'm excited about this game.

Lanontscuz3723d ago

i love all the CIV games... hope we get more info @ GDC

Columbo3723d ago

Great read! I love the Civilization series, and I'm really looking forward to this game. I have a feeling I'll be playing this game non-stop till big name games come out around the holidays.