MGS: Ground Zeroes Release Date Leaked By UK Retailer

WreckedPixel: ShopTo, the retailers who previously leaked the Crysis 3 release date (and were right) has seemingly revealed the release date for MGS Ground zeroes.

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TOGC1954d ago

September 2013...sounds about right.

XB1_PS41954d ago

When I saw the title, I thought they mean't the actual game was leaked. I went from -_- to 0_0 in a flash.

crxss1954d ago

I hope it's out that soon. It was only announced a little bit ago and judging by MGS's track record, it usually takes longer than a year from when it's announced to when it'll be released. crossing my fingers though

Batzi1954d ago


That is true. Metal Gear Solid games usually take around 3 years to complete. Ground Zeroes has been in development for quite some time and you can tell because they had a gameplay footage demonstration and that's not something we usually see at a MGS premier trailer. Usually it starts with a teaser then trailer then gameplay footage. The premier trailer had story and gameplay footage so it is safe to say that the game has been in development for at least a year if not more. Remember they started working on the Fox Engine right after MGS4's release which was back in 2008. God knows what they've been doing all these years. Not to mention they have opened a new studio in Los Angeles which will speed up development time as well. One more thing, according to Kojima the Fox Engine allows them to develop games twice as fast as they used to do it in the past so that again answers your question.

WeskerChildReborned1954d ago

Yea, if it is true, that means we'll have to wait :(.

Mister_V1954d ago

Siiiick. Maybe a little early? Still pretty cool.

Abdou231954d ago

Makes you wonder if it is going to be on current or next gen consoles.

BigStef711954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Kojima already confirmed its being released for ps3 and 360

Agent_00_Revan1954d ago

Would be cool if they did like many if the other launch games this gen, where it comes out on current gen, and there's a next gen version with improved graphics and other features

NBT911954d ago

Lol I doubt nex gen consoles will even be out at least until Nov 2013 ( personally I see them launching in 2014 though)

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zerocrossing1954d ago

My PS is bricked right now, but if there's any reason to replace it it's MGS: Ground Zeroes!

zerocrossing1954d ago

I know right...

I may wait till the Holiday Season and get a new Super slim PS3, if the price is right.

colonel1791954d ago

I hated the super slim, but I saw it at a store and it's actually really nice. They had it with the other models side by side, and it defended itself very well even against the fat.

I recommend you buy it.

zerocrossing1954d ago

Thanks man!

I was planning on getting one earlier, but £249.99 is a little steep so Im gunna wait it out I think.

hardcorehippiez1954d ago

its only 249 if you buy the bundle with 3 game the system itself is 179 from sainsburys . it also looks a lotnicer sleeker the the pictures online made it out to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.