Rambo compared to Call of Duty 4

The Arizona Daily Star compared Rambo to Call of Duty 4, and if you've played the game you should know that's quite a complement. The reviewer, Phil Villarreal, calls the movie "a nasty, Call of Duty 4 style shoot 'em up that kicks down the door, rips out your throat and inserts a Claymore where your jugular used to be," and judging by the general consensus that's probably one of the best things that has been and probably will be said about Rambo.

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timmyp533573d ago

Gamer talk slipping into movie critique.

dachiefsman3573d ago

they both kick ass.....seriously....rambo was the sh!t

Tempist3572d ago

So this is like a retro active review given that in all likely hood the first three 'Rambo' movies inspired CoD4. I don't think they started filming the movie AFTER the game came out.