Gear Live PlayFeed: Lost Odyssey Review

"Lost Odyssey very much feels like a loving send-off, or perhaps a call for the reemergence of, the conventional JRPG. Its typicality can only offend those who have no enjoyed the genre previously. While it does little to attract new fans, however, Lost Odyssey brilliantly captures everything the older RPG fan wants in their game. Memorably characters (including one of the most fun lecherous types in recent memory), a rousing score, and technology which takes the epic journeys of our imagine, and transplants it into something we can experience (gone are sprite characters TALKING about what they see in a far off vista.... its is all there for us to behold), all result in a game that purists will find captivating."

- by Mark Gottlieb

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3692d ago

glad to see the game getting good reviews but this is a no name site. it shouldnt be counted just like the bullsh1t no name sites that give the game bad reviews shouldnt be counted.