Top 10 Games Developed By Hudson Soft

GS: This week on his series on gaming companies, DDJ looks at Hudson Soft, one of Nintendo's earliest partners and among the only companies outside Nintendo to develop a Pokemon or Mario game.

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dedicatedtogamers1295d ago

Gotta love Hudson. My friends and I STILL play 10-player (yes, 10 player) Bomberman on my SEGA Saturn. Those games are so fun.

adorie1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Where's my proper Blaster Master sequel?!

Oops! wrong developer! I was thinking Sunsoft <3

I do love me a good run of Milon's Secret Castle, though.

-Mika-1295d ago

Why wasn't bloody roar on that list. It was a fun fighter. I hope they add br3 and br4 a s a ps2 classic.

jc485731295d ago

from what I heard, hudson wasn't really that involved in the fighting games. Eighting is the developer of the series.

Dark111295d ago

I want a new Bloody roar :(

Unlimax1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

BLOODY ROAR , I Freaking love this game from Hudson and i wish if there's a Fifth one for the franchise .. just imagine how the multiplayer looks like when you play it with Unlimited Combos *o* !

SolidGear31295d ago

I loved The Space Adventure. Similar to Kojima's Policenauts / Snatcher