CheatCC Review: The Sims: Castaway Stories - Literally Covers New Ground

CheatCC writes: "As you may or may not know, some of these Sims games can be huge hogs on your system's resources, especially if you want to view the graphics at full resolution. That may be fine for some of the techno geeks that keep up with every micro-trend and seem to have unlimited funds to purchase the latest PC upgrades. But what about the rest of us schleps that have to spend money on things like rent, food, car payments, underarm deodorant, and autographed Conway Twitty posters? Also, what about the people that want to play these games on a laptop that is seriously under-powered? Well until recently, we were relegated to graphics that looked like third-generation VHS copies. Not to mention the slow processing. By the time a hot chick came out of the shower, she would be middle aged."

"The Sims: Castaway Stories addresses most of these issues, but in the process creates a few more. It's a good-looking game that can be played on systems such as laptops that barely meet the bare requirements. Just don't try it on a Pentium One-powered Thinkpad. Not only does the game look good (just don't select the highest resolution), but it sounds great and runs fairly smooth, although I ran into a few mechanical bugs that caused me to have to restart the game a few times. There are some framerate issues, and the load times can really get on your nerves, but overall this is a solid offering. As an added bonus, it does not require any previous version of a Sims game to run. This is a completely stand-alone game. But as I alluded to, these features come at a price. I'll discuss that in detail after an overview of the gameplay."

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