Spong - Halo 4: Bringing Back Master Chief

Spong - Master Chief is back. And yet, it almost feels like he’s never been away. It’s crazy to think that Halo 4 is being released some five years after Bungie’s Halo 3 - for an iconic character that has become the mascot of the Xbox brand, Chief’s absence is rather unorthodox.

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ChunkyLover531928d ago

Hard to believe its been half a decade since we had a Master Chief game. Definitely thinking it'll be worth the long wait, can't wait to pick up my LE Halo 4!

bubblebeam1928d ago

There is no 'middle' for Halo 4. The way I see it is they either hit the 'high', or drop too the 'low'.

This is one of my most anticipated games of all time, yet I have a fear where it could disappoint.

If the focus is too much on the Prometheans (more machine than organic), it might lose its touch and feel like Gears of War 3.

Gears 3, we were killing lambent, and the locust were put on the sideline. The way I see it is, the locust were the enemy you were killing in Gears 1 and 2, and then you had to try and hate another enemy. Didn't work.

Still, I still think it will be good. I just hope they tie the books into it (Ghosts of Onyx plz......I will die of excitement) and possibly the end of Halo Wars SPOILER!!! (professor Anders and Captain those spartans).

Knight_Crawler1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I just watch the entire game including the ending on youtube and I can say with 200% certainty that you wont be disappointed for one moment and worht every ranks up there with HALO 1 and 343i did a good job on not alienating the game but yet making the game fell fresh.

The ending really left me puzzled because this is suppose to be a trilogy but where do you go from there cant wait for Halo 5!!!!

Edit: Come on MS make the movie already, ask Bill Gates to give you 30 million dollars from his sock drawer to get the project started...after watching how beautiful this game is I want a movie and I do not care if its CGI or real actors.

FarCryLover1821928d ago

They can do plenty Knight_Crawler!!!

Also...for all we know, Halo 5-7 might be the new trilogy and they decided that this title will just be the bridging title between the 2 trilogies ;0

Knight_Crawler1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

You might have a point FarCry, I got that bridging vibe from Halo 4.

Will be interesting to see who the new enemies will be and see how the MC handles his emotions...I really hope he sees that a human and soldier are one of the same :( - the chief has sacrifice so much for humanity that he never experienced what it feels like to be one...if Jesus had a side kick Master Chief would be standing next to him.

otherZinc1928d ago

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you big-time on Gears 3. Gears 3 was fantastic, each time I beat it (7 times), the story makes sense, its passionate, & you feel as one of the team. I have Dom & Maria's Picture on my friggin wall in a frame!

Back to Halo 4. Cant wait. I was a little like you, thinking they'll break something. However, everytime I see anything I'm impressed as hell.

The truth for me was; the Campaign Footage: Friggin Marvelous! I'm excited as hell for this game.

Knight_Crawlers comment; after seeing the entire game (I would never do such a thing) as impressed as he is by Halo 4.

I'm sure there's a Legendary Ending that will make more sense...

bubblebeam1927d ago

Halo 4 looks amazing so far.
I was just stating that if it were to be a let-down, it would lie in the fact that it was blasting promethean after promethean.


I think the relationship between Dom and Maria was forced. I wanted to care, but I just couldn't. I love Gears, I have Seriously 1 and 2, and I am still trying my heart out to get 3.0. If you look at the level design of Gears 3, it was mostly 1 area to the next blasting hundreds upon hundreds of lambent, which, while still fun, It was a letdown.

Exclusives should succeed in the Graphics, Gameplay AND story department, not just graphics and gameplay (Gears 3).

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Shadonic1928d ago

dude i watched the first mission gameplay ( i couldent stop myself) it looks Amazing!!!

FarCryLover1821928d ago

I regret watching the last 3 missions of the game in a stream overnight... However, I don't really know the context of everything since I hadn't seen the beginning. But it was really good!

digger181928d ago

Just left Gamestation and got mine on pre order :)

Was quite sad that they are not doing a midnight launch, they said not enough interest.
They did one for Halo Reach, but they said hardly anybody came to it. I told them they should as this Halo should be the best yet, but going by pre orders (3 of them including mine) they said not worth it.

281219861928d ago

So this is what I have been able to gather for Halo 4...It seems they are trying to make it the game plot heavy , themes are on lines of the Mass Effect looks like a gorgeous science fiction game, something I have always imagined Halo to be...Still a little unclear about the gameplay, so far a lot of combat in closed spaces, not clear how/when the wide open spaces Halo is known for is going to come around, but seems like 343i has done a effing terrific job about it...

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